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Within minor league baseball, there are many talented teams who have excellent players, have won matches and have bagged various awards and honors. Amongst these best of the minor league, one team stands out like a lighthouse in the ocean. This team is none other than the Memphis Redbirds, a spectacular AAA minor league baseball team situated out of the city of Memphis in the state of Tennessee. This particular minor leaguer is affiliated with the famous St. Louis Cardinals, a team that is legendary within major league baseball. At present, the Memphis Redbirds play in the AutoZone Park, their homebase, a ground that is situated in the downtown part of Memphis. This particular home stadium to the Memphis Redbirds is large indeed for a minor league baseball team; it can host around fourteen thousand viewers.

About Memphis Redbirds

The Memphis Redbirds first began playing baseball in 1998 when they dropped into the Pacific Coast League, PCL, as an expansion baseball team. At that time, the Memphis Redbirds were under the ownership of a non profit community group. At present,  the Memphis Redbirds are under the control of Global Spectrum, a company that is owned by Comcast. Additionally, the St Loius Cardinals also extended their agreement on the developing players with the Memphis Redbirds to 2012 with the team expected to do so further when the agreement expires.

Not only are the Memphis Redbirds an outstanding team in the world of minor league baseball, they are also an excellent part of their community. This club runs several different programs in the community. The Memphis Redbirds Foundation is one such program that makes use of its resources and finances to help children participate in sports activities around and within Memphis. Yet another of the team's programs, the RBI, Returning Baseball to the Inner-City Program, is a spectacular scheme in which children are taught how to play both softball and baseball during the summer vacations. This program is open for girls and boys aged six to fifteen.

The Memphis Redbirds also run Sports Teams Returning In The Public Education System, STRIPES, a program which is active during school time which assists public schools with funding for their softball and baseball teams. It targets teams in middle and junior high school level within the broad school system in Memphis City. These programs not only help the community but are also important to the Memphis Redbirds as they help them in many ways.

The Memphis Redbirds are a Triple A minor league baseball team. In the minor league, they are affiliated to the Pacific Coast League in its American Conference's North Division since 1998. Within the major league, the Memphis Redbirds have been affiliated to the St. Louis Cardinals since being formed in 1998, a fact that shows how good this team is. This amazing team first played at the Tim McCarver Stadium and then moved to the AutoZone Park in 2000. In terms of titles, the team has won the League Titles in 2000 and in 2009 as well as Conference Titles the same years. This team has also bagged Division Titles in 2000, in 2009 and in 2010. Thus, having bagged around seven titles, the Memphis Redbirds has proved that is no ordinary team but the best of the best, a team you should watch play live through Memphis Redbirds tickets.