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The Subway Fresh Fit 500 is a racing car event organized by NASCAR. The event takes place over an entire weekend, more closely resembling a festival than car races. People who attend get to experience a lot more than just the sport. The management puts together a giant affair, with food stalls, drinks, game corners, auctions, lucky draws and the like. People of all ages can be part of this occasion. It is in fact a great place for families to get together and have a good time. If they plan to stay the venue for the weekend and camp out, however; they would have to reserve their spots in time. Because it is such a popular event, Subway Fresh Fit 500 tickets sell out almost immediately, so spot reservations are simply on a first come, first serve basis.

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About NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Subway Fresh Fit 500

The racecar event takes place at Zoomtown, USA. The sport segments itself are organized by the “Phoenix International Raceway”. The atmosphere of the NASCAR is always buzzing—people excited and generally having a good time, with the racing putting them into a competitive mood as well. It also provides the chance for the first time race enthusiasts to meet with the proper NASCAR fans, thus learning more about the sport. Other than this, the event also has a number of entertainment segments for the attendees, so they are kept busy every single minute that they are in the venue.
The NASCAR 101 starts quite early, and people are encouraged to come in as soon as they begin. This provides them the opportunity to experience the fair while the crowd is still thin. They also have access to merchandise trailer discounts, and can listen to free concerts. They can also easily be part of the famous fan midway and get hold of pre race passes in addition to their Subway Fresh Fit 500 tickets. This will grant them access to the track itself as well as the pits, where they can meet the drivers and other stars of the event.
There are plenty of activities that the audience can indulge in during their time at the weekend, all of which are worth attending. Some of the most popular ones are the shows by “SPEED Cantina” where attendees can enjoy some live music during the day time and other entertainment forms, like standup during the night time. The “Budweiser ROLL BAR Stage” will also consist of live music being performed by popular artists. Other than that, there is the famous “Bashas’ Supermarket” where people can buy different things, from car racing themed jerseys to support their driver, to supplies for your cooler. Finally, the actual event for which this fair is organized is the most fun activity, consisting of a national anthem, and a military fly over you would not want to miss. To keep up with this year’s activity log and to find out who will be performing at the festival, you can follow NASCAR on Twitter and stay updates on their events.

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