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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is in its sixty fifth season of bringing to the world quality professional racing. This new season started in February at the Daytona International Speedway with Sprint Unlimited 2013. It was followed by Daytona 500 later in the same month. Current defending Driver’s Champion is Brad Keselowski and Chevrolet is “manufacturer’s champion.” The series will last till late November and is sponsored by Stratosphere. If you are a racing fan then you must have been long waiting for NASCAR’s new season to begin. Now you can check online and book cheap NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Stratosphere Pole Day tickets!

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About NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Stratosphere Pole Day

Sprint Cup Series is considered as the top racing tournament of NASCAR. It is named after its current sponsors “Sprint Nextel.” In the past it has been famous from several different titles as well. The racers compete for the “Driver’s Champion” title which is given to the winner. The winner is decided through point system. These points are divided keeping in mind the lap ends and finishing placement. After twenty six races take place, top ten drivers and two drivers with “most number of races won” are seeded. The different in the points decreases a lot in the last ten games. These races are given the name of “Chase for the Championship.”
The cars used in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series are unique and unlike other automobile racing cars. The engines are very powerful and have the ability of reaching speed over 320 km/h, 200 mph. This is combined with aerodynamic package. The chassis and bodies of these cars ensure parity and all the electronics used are very “Spartan” in the nature. Initially the cars did not have any modifications and they were banned strictly and were called ‘strictly stocked.’ The sprint cars suspensions have double wishbone style and have control units installed inside.
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series’ current leader of Driver’s Champion is Jimmie Johnson. Currently he drives Lowe’s Chevrolet No.48 for the Hendrick Motorsport in Sprint Series. He joined the series in 2002 and has been an important part of it since then. Brad Keselowski currently holds the champion title and drives Miller Lite Ford Fusion No.2 for Sprint Series. He has been playing for the tournament since 2008 and has been, since then one of the finest racers. Now this season a number of highly talented racers are ready to compete against him. Will he be able to keep his title? You can find that out by attending the upcoming NASCAR races.
The NASCAR races have a big dedicated fan base which waits all year round for the season to begin. It is considered as one of the most anticipated racing events within the United States. Now you can be a part of the live racing by booking your share of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Stratosphere Pole Day tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can i get tickets for nascar sprint cup series stratosphere pole day on spot?

A:Yes, you have the option of getting Stratosphere Pole Day Tickets on spot. Follow the directions and place the order.

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