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What was previously known as World 600 is now called Coca Cola 600. It is a stock car race which takes place on a race track which is 965.6 km long. The event takes place once a year at the Charlotte Motor Speedway situated in Concord, North Carolina. This race is organized by NASCAR which is known as National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and Coca Cola 600 is considered to be the longest NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race as it takes place on an oval shaped track which further imparts the event its uniqueness.

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The Coca Cola 600 stock car race was initially organized in order to compete with the already existing automobile race called Indianapolis 500. As the former was held on the Memorial Day weekend in the year 1974 the long awaited day arrived. Both the races took place at the same time on the same day. It became noteworthy because before this time both the races took place on different tracks at different times. The drivers participating in the competitions would at times take part in both events due to the difference in venue and time. It gave them an opportunity to exhibit their talent on different racing tracks. At first due to a snow storm the Coca Cola 600 was held on the 16th of June instead of taking place at the Memorial Day weekend. In the year 2009 the race took place for the first time on the Memorial Day weekend.
In the year 1992, when it was getting popular, large number of people started to gather in order to witness this extremely thrilling event but they soon started getting uncomfortable due to the hot weather of North Carolina. The crowd wanted the management to change the timings and start a little late in the day as the temperature falls in the evening. After a lot of discussions 5:30 p.m. was the time decided for the race to start and this decision was made in the year 2001. State of the art technology was used for the race and parabolic reflectors were used so that the drivers would not get distracted by the glare that is produced by the lights that are used to illuminate the speedway.
In the year 1974 there was a fuel crisis in the country and at that time the race track was reduced to 540 miles in order to consume energy. At that time Richard Petty was beaten by David Pearson but the trophy kept on travelling from one hand to another. It was at that time that the lead of the Coca Cola 600 changed to its maximum between Buddy Baker, Petty, Donnie Allison, Pearson and Cale Yarborough. In 1979 a drastic change took over the track as Darrell Waltrip was able to beat Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty.
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