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When a person hears the word ‘NASCAR’, their mind immediately shifts into fifth gear and draws up images of purebred muscle cars racing for the finish line, entertainment unlike any other event and thousands of cheering fans. All of these things are combined in an exclusive, invitation-only event that features high profile drivers and is considered the main attraction of NASCAR – the Budweiser Shootout. Originally known as the ‘Busch Clash’, this event originated in 1979, and has been used as the first event for every new NASCAR season since then. Initially, the event consisted of a fifty mile sprint event that lasted twenty laps. The fastest drivers of the previous seasons were invited to take part in this event, and were able to earn cash prizes in addition to immense popular support.

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About NASCAR Budweiser Shootout

In 1987 driver Bill Elliott completed the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout race with an average speed of over 197 miles per hour – a record that stands untouched, even today. Over the years, the event was expanded to a total of 75 laps, stretching over a distance of more than 175 miles. The number of participants was also increased to include the top twelve drivers from the previous season’s Chase event, previous Budweiser Shootout winners, Sprint Cup Champions and up to ten Rookies of the Year. Last year’s event included 43 cars racing for the very first time on a brand new track and led to an exciting finish. Fans got to see their favorite drivers adopt different strategies and pull extreme maneuvers to get to the top of the pack and steal the day. Unlike other events in Daytona, the Budweiser Shootout includes two-by-two racing as well, which makes the experience even more special.

The new NASCAR season that kicks off with the Budweiser Shootout promises to be full of adventure and thrill. With the race being closer together than ever before, drivers will pull every possible trick out of their bags to get ahead – making fans skip a heartbeat as they accelerate for victory. Restrictor plates on every participating vehicle will take away any advantages of superior performance, and all cars will be essentially equal to each other. The teams included in the NASCAR Budweiser Shootout this time around are considered some of the best of all time. Drivers such as Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Jimmie Johnson are guaranteed to give each other a run for the money and make this event even more exhilarating. Fords, Chevys and Dodges will be pushed to their limits as drivers struggle to out-perform each other and make it to the finishing line ahead of each other. There are very few joys like the thrill of speed and NASCAR Budweiser Shootout tickets are your key to experience the invigorating kick of motor racing. NASCAR Budweiser Shootout tickets for the best seats are available here at discounted prices. Fans are already grabbing as many tickets as they can for their families and friends, so hurry up and get your NASCAR Budweiser Shootout tickets before they all run out!

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