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“IZOD IndyCar Series” is a leading American open wheel racing event. The championship is created by Tony George who is the owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The project was initiated in 1996 as a contender to CART Champ Car event that was formerly known as Indy Racing League. After realizing that CART was utilizing pricey machinery along with international drivers, George sought out to form a low budgeted alternative event. The “IndyCar Series” effectively collaborated with CART series and legalized it as IndyCar. If you are a fan of open wheel racing or would like to be a part of a thrilling live event then this is the perfect time to get your IZOD IndyCar Series tickets and enjoy an event that will leave you with unforgettable moments to cherish for a long time to come.

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About IZOD Indycar Series

Until the start of the 2003, the event was not able to use IndyCar as its name because of the settlement that they had with CART. For the season of 1996-1997 the event used the name USAC Indy Racing League. The series got their premier title sponsor for the 1998-1999 season and began to be successfully advertised as Pep Boys Indy Racing League.  The naming right of the series were sold off to Internet search engine named Northern Light for the next five seasons. However, after just two seasons the sponsorship agreement with Northern Light was terminated.
The “IZOD IndyCar Series” then went back to naming itself as Indy Racing League for the season of 2002 since it had no sponsor. By the start of 2003, the name had been legally taken up by the management of the event. IndyCar formed a superb partnership with the known Simmons-Abramson Marketing being led by Gene Simmons who was a member of the music band called Kiss. The two companies energetically started engaging in the market. Event scheduling, merchandising, sponsorship and public relations of the league took center stage. Simmons fruitfully sang the theme song of the series “I Am Indy”. DirecTV presented the series for the 2008 season.
On the 5th November in 2009, IZOB was successfully named as the title sponsor of the league. The deal is estimated to be for about $10 million each year and it will run for the next five years. The format of “IZOD IndyCar Series” is not like that of an open formula. The league is in full control of its operations and specifications are given out for the engine as well as the chassis the teams are permitted to utilize every season. The choice of the manufactures has also evolved after three years. At the moment Dallara is providing the chassis to the teams while Chevrolet and Honda are giving the engines. Book your cheap IZOD IndyCar Series tickets and experience a brilliant and exciting event that will keep you at the edge of your seats.

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