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All the sports lovers who want to see live racing but want to avoid the chilly weather can now enjoy the Indoor Auto Racing competition. This mammoth racing event first took place 11 years ago and is still on the go with the same level of enthusiasm. Every year there’s an even better public turnout. All you people are getting the opportunity to purchase your desired tickets at economical rates. You just have to reserve your cheap Indoor Auto Racing tickets as soon as you can.

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Indoor Auto Racing

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Indoor Auto Racing PPL Center Allentown Saturday
1/6/2018 7:00 PM
Indoor Auto Racing Boardwalk Hall Arena - Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City Friday
1/26/2018 7:30 PM
Indoor Auto Racing Boardwalk Hall Arena - Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City Saturday
1/27/2018 7:00 PM

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Indoor Auto Racing Allentown TicketsIndoor Auto Racing Atlantic City Tickets

About Indoor Auto Racing

The event will take place at one of the historical landmarks of the US known as Boardwalk Hall. Every year racing professionals from more than ten countries take part in the Indoor Auto Racing competition and like always the audience will get to experience a number of hair-raising acts. The best thing about the show is that it is not restricted to certain kinds of age groups. Ranging from children to the elderly, everybody is more than welcome. All those planning for a family outing must consider this one as the finest option. Some of the additional attractions of the event such as “The Champ Kart” and the “Slingshot” divisions will also be seen in the upcoming Auto Racing competition.  More than 24 three-quarter midgets that hit the speed above 70 mph will be a part of the event. If you’ve never seen mini cars on concrete floor, now is your chance to experience something totally extraordinary. Make sure to get the best Indoor Auto Racing tickets before they’re all gone.
According to many people who’ve attended the previous auto racing sessions, this event keeps you on the edge of your seat right till the end. All those who’ve never attended this one must experience the ultimate entertainment at least once. Some of the past events also featured pre-race concerts. That might be the case in the upcoming Indoor Auto Racing show as well. Other than watching the spectacular show, all the attendees also get to have different kinds of merchandise such as T shirts and caps. This annual event is known for its non-stop action having minimal delays. The Indoor Auto Racing event gets better and better every year. In order to enjoy the fun and excitement, grab your cheap Indoor Auto Racing tickets today.
It is one of the few racing events that feature unique kinds of vehicles that are not cars, not APVs and not even dirt bikes. These custom-made vehicles somewhat look like golf carts and are referred to as three-quarter midgets having high power engines. You do not get to see such vehicles on the road out there and that is the beauty of the show. Talented drivers drift and screech these exceptional vehicles in an amazing atmosphere which seems dangerous but is a treat to watch. Get your Indoor Auto Racing tickets and enjoy this groundbreaking racing event to the fullest.

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