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Get ready for a thrill-a-minute ride in the company of the best Formula One drivers in the world today at the United States Grand Prix. The race is among the most amazing on the circuit that tests the skills of the drivers as well as their teams to the limit. This epic race is ready once again to offer another round of adrenaline pumping action so grab your United States Grand Prix tickets and enjoy the spectacle live.

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About Grand Prix of the Americas 3 Day Pass

The United States Grand Prix also known as the USGP has been a part of the annual racing circuit in one shape or another since 1908. The race was named The American Grand Prize during those days and it lasted till 1916. It was in the year 1958 that the race once again reared its head at the Riverside International Raceway.
It was however in December next year that Formula One came to the U.S for the first time. It was held at Sebring which was won by Bruce McLaren. The United States Grand Prix then made its way to the Riverside International Raceway for next edition in 1960 for one year only. Watkins Glen Grand Prix Course was selected as the venue for the race in 1961 and that is when it really captured the imagination of the masses.
The race remained there for two decades and during that time established itself among the best in the business. The race moved out of Watkins Glen and was held sporadically on different venues in the country. Formula One made its long awaited return to the U.S. in 2000 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race track is among the most iconic in the world. It was a monumental occasion that was made all the more memorable by a crowd of well over a whopping two hundred thousand people. The race was won by the legend himself “Michael Schumacher.”
The USGP remained in Indianapolis still 2007 and was taken off the calendar. Bernie Ecclestone, the head of Formula One, announced in the year 2010 that plans were being put in place to bring the sport back to the United States this time to the NYC. That didn’t materialize and the search for a new venue began. Full Throttle Productions stepped up to promote the event and the city of Austin, Texas was awarded the rights to hold the United States Grand Prix on a ten year contract starting 2012. The race kicked-off at the “Circuit of the Americas” which was one by England’s “Lewis Hamilton.”
This year’s event promises to be another epic occasion. It will be held close to the year’s end so who knows this might be the race that decides on out of the two, drivers and the constructors, championship or even both titles. If you are a Formula One fan then grab your cheap United States Grand Prix 3 day pass tickets and watch the action unfold live from the start till the end.

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