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What, Hershey Bears tickets for sale? Yes, your favorite professional ice hockey team’s tickets are on sale now! A top affiliate of the Washington Capitals, the Bears play in the American Hockey League (AHL). As the name suggests, they are based in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the town famous for making world-class chocolate products all over the world. Owned and operated by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, they play their home games at the Giant Center and had a very successful 2010 season during which they won the Calder Cup.

About Hershey Bears

Hershey Bears Hockey tickets should be bought because the franchise is the oldest AHL team! The team came into being in 1938 and by 2006, the Bears had played their 5000th game. In addition, the team happens to be the 7th oldest professional ice hockey organization in the whole of North America. It is rather interesting to note that the origins of the Bears were rooted in those amateur college ice hockey games which were played in Hershey, back in 1930’s. As the popularity of these games grew, Milton Hershey, the famous chocolate maker decided to sponsor a team of his own called, the Hershey B’ars. The B’ars became Bears when sports journalists criticized the name to be too commercial.

The Hershey Bears tickets assume even more importance when it is mentioned that the team made a league record by playing 22 Finals series. During the 2008-2010 seasons, the Bears were on a winning streak and won two Calder Cups consecutively. The Hershey Bears tickets start selling like hot cakes when the fans are reminded that their most favorite AHL team made another record by being the only team in the history of AHL to win the Calder Cup in the most dramatic way! What had happened was that the Bears had started the series on a wrong foot and went 0-2 in the beginning, but they came back with a vengeance and won the series with 4-2. This awesome record, to date, remains unbeaten.

As one would expect, the team’s official colors are silver, gold, black, and burgundy, typically called “chocolate and white”. The team’s logo consists of a maroon bear, swatting a hockey puck. The Bears mascot is Coco. He is an anthropomorphic, brown bear. While wearing the team’s home uniform, he also sports a white hockey helmet. Coco made his first appearance before an applauding crowd at the Hersheypark Arena. When Coco’s name was revealed, the fans weren’t surprised since the mascot’s name is synonymous to cocoa bean, a primary ingredient in any chocolate product. Coco is no ordinary mascot; he has a favorite movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and a favorite book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, too!

The Bears look too good for another season this time around as well! So while the Hershey Bears tickets are on sale, this a golden opportunity for a fan like you to make the best out of it and buy Hershey Bears tickets now!

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