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The Cadler Cup Champions for the game of ice hockey, Hershey Bears are known for their record breaking statistics of the game. Acknowledged for strong defending players, Hershey Bears have managed to defeat its contenders brilliantly in the challenges faced so far. Headed by the coach Bob Woods, the team undergoes a formal training session before playing the tournaments.

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Talking of experience, Hershey Bears have played about 5000 games to date, contending teams from various origins. It won Cadler Cup in 2010 for the Eleventh League Championship in completion with Texas Stars. The formal training sessions coupled with the tips from an experienced coach manages to polish the potential of the team even more.

The logo of the team with an aggressive bear head and the initials of its name H and B depicts the spirited nature of the team. The bright logo colors being maroon and black represent energy and determination of the players. The professionalism in the team today is a result of constant effort made over the years. Hershey Bears which started off as an inter-college hockey team, through training and hard work made it big and, was named among the champions of ice hockey. All set for another challenge, Hershey Bears plan to play from their home ground this time.  So buy your Hershey Bears Hershey Tickets to be a part of an exciting game.