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In the wild, wolves and polar bears usually don’t go head to head. Wolves may hunt in packs, but when it comes to facing down a lumbering polar bear, they usually skunk away. However, the AHL Chicago Wolves vs. Charlotte Checkers game will have two such entities clashing on the ice. The only twist is that instead of the Arctic tundra, this showdown will take place inside an icy arena. In this case, the more seasoned Chicago Wolves of the minor American Hockey League will be taking on the minor leaguers Charlotte Checkers. So don’t forget to latch on to some AHL Chicago Wolves vs. Charlotte Checkers tickets to watch the sparks fly.

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About Charlotte Checkers vs Chicago Wolves Charlotte Tickets

Though the major league Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL are part of the same metropolitan area as the Chicago Wolves, the latter are the top affiliates of the Vancouver Canucks. The Wolves were littered in 1994 and were first reared as part of the International hockey League till 2001 and then became part of the American Hockey League. Making their home in the Allstate Arena, the Wolves have typically skirted a losing season in their career history.
The Chicago Wolves have been a quite successful franchise, both as part of the IHL as well as the AHL. While in the former, the Wolves pounced on four division and three conference championships. They also clinched a pair of Turner Cups in the late nineties as members of the IHL and were regular season champions in the penultimate season. After making the move to the AHL, the Wolves latched their claws on three division and three conference titles as well as nabbed a pair of Calder Cups. Steve Maltais was the team’s greatest asset as a forward during the first half of the nineties, with the likes of Wendell Young and Rob Brown also playing their part in the 2000s.
The Charlotte Checkers may have emerged in their latest incarnation in 2010, but they have dug their claws in deep in the field of minor league hockey for the past two decades. Created initially in 1956 as part of the Eastern Hockey League, they morphed into a franchise with the same name as members of the Eastern Coast Hockey League in 1993. It was during the 1990s that the Checkers bared their teeth and started clamping down on championship wins, with four consecutive division titles coming their way from 1994 to 1998. They were also crowned regular season champions in 1994 and the 1995 seasons, and clinched a Calder Cup during the 1994-1995 season. The Checkers have been quite a popular franchise within their fan community, with their games often registering a record number of attendees. One of their home games that they played against the Oklahoma City Barons in February, 2012 had 13,102 fans crammed into the Time Warner Cable Arena.
Go easy on your pocket by booking some cheap AHL Chicago Wolves vs. Charlotte Checkers tickets. The face-off between the two teams is going to be epic and the outcome fantastic, so don’t miss it for the world!