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UFC 140 Jon Jones is one of the most eagerly anticipated fights for all of the wrestling fans around the globe. The hype surrounding it is immense and as a result, a lot of expectation rests on the shoulder of the Ultimate Fighting Championships Light Heavyweight Champion; Jon Jones, and the number one contender; Lyoto Machida, who will be competing against each other in order to come out on top as the winner of this mouthwatering encounter. Considering that the Ultimate Fighting Championships are considered to be the highest level of what the wrestling world has to offer, expect nothing more than some dazzling displays of strength and skill by each opponent. The UFC has, over time, become the top league for the sport of wrestling and has produced some of the world’s most iconic wrestlers. It is every wrestler’s dream to compete at this level and once achieved, they give it all in the ring. The same can be expected from the UFC 140 Jon Jones fight as two of most talented fighters in the world take each other on. It is a fight you too can go and see for yourself by purchasing your UFC 140 Jon Jones Tickets as soon as the first opportunity presents itself.

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About UFC 140 Jon Jones

The upcoming UFC 140 Jon Jones fight comes under the wing of the Ultimate Fighting Championships and is one of the many fights that this mixed martial arts behemoth has sponsored over its amazing history. It is set to the feature present day superstar Jon Jones. The fighter was born on the 19th of July in the year 1987. He hails from the city of Rochester in the state of New York. His skills and talent in the sport are unbelievable. After just four years of fighting as a professional, Jones made his way to the world of UFC and hit the ground running. At the time he won his Light Heavyweight title belt, he became, as a result, the youngest fighter in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championships to be crowned a champion. UFC 140 Jon Jones will also feature the Brazilian fighter Lyoto Machida. He was born on the 30th of May in 1978 in the city of Salvador. Machida has seen a highly successful career in the UFC and is a former Ultimate Fighting Championships Light Heavyweight Champion. An icon all over Brazil and for countless others around the globe, this fighter knows what it takes to bring an opponent down and win a fight. He has, over his career, been involved in some truly spectacular fights which have earned him plaudits from all over the wrestling world. At present, he is ranked as the fifth best light heavyweight fighter around the globe and would give Jones a run for his money.

UFC 140 Jon Jones is set to be a phenomenal fight and should not be missed. Buy your UFC 140 Jon Jones Tickets today.
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