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An adrenaline pumping, event is now just around the corner in the form of the Stampede Championship Rodeo. This is a tournament that will showcase everything that is great about the sport of rodeo and much more for fans to enjoy. If you are the kind of person who likes edge-of-the-seat moments then book your Stampede Championship Rodeo tickets and witness the spectacle live at the arena.

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About Stampede Championship Rodeo

The Stampede Championship Rodeo is one of the most popular events in the sport today. The competition is organized, sanctioned and looked after by the International Professional Rodeo Association commonly known as IPRA. The organization was set-up in 1957 by a couple of promoters. The main idea behind its formation was to increase the profile of the sport in the eyes of the general public and the media. The body went to work with holding a series of rodeo events. By the end of the year, the rider with the most points throughout the season was crowned the world champion.
As the profile of the sport began to grow and the IPRA started to hold more and more events it became imperative that the structure of how the organization was run changed too. An innovative new concept of selecting the Board of Directors was introduced in 1964. The board had people representing the producers, competitors, contract performers and most importantly the fans. They were given the task of making new guidelines and rules for the sport that would take it to the next level.
That idea worked brilliantly and played a big part in revolutionizing rodeo for the better. The first major post season event under the new rules and regulations was held in 1971, three years after the planning began. The event was a huge success and more than did its share in changing the perception of rodeo events among the masses. From there onwards the sport has gone from strength to strength. The IPRA itself is now the second biggest rodeo governing body in the world that organizes a staggering three hundred different show every year. The Stampede Championship Rodeo will be a show that fans will remember for ages. The event will be held at Salem and will see the biggest stars in the business saddle up and give it their best shot. Barrel racing, Horse riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, calf roping and bull riding and a lot of other events will be viewed by the lucky fans in attendance.
The Stampede Championship Rodeo is a wonderful annual event that has become one of the most anticipated in the sport because of the jaw dropping spectacle it offers. A lot of credit for its success goes to the International Professional Rodeo Association for coming up with an idea of such a remarkable event. Book your Stampede Championship Rodeo tickets and make your way to the arena to witness the battle between man and animal.

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A:No, you can only get Stampede Championship Rodeo Tickets on individually discounted rates. Use the discount codes and get them right away.

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