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NHL brings Detroit Red Wings and Washington Capitals in a very interesting game this season. The Detroit Red Wings began as Cougars, transformed to Falcons and finally Red Wings. The name became as a good luck charm as the early thirties marked the beginning of their success story. They have been through several decades of highs and lows. Extensive and intensive training coupled with revamped line-up have recreated the Detroit Red Wings. They are the true representatives of the hyped up sports culture and spirit of Detroit. The team carries a ring wheeled symbol and play at the Joe Louis Arena.

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In eighty years of its career the Detroit Red Wings etched its name as an influential one. The NHL has seen it at its peek during 1941-1971. In association with Detroit Red Wings’ very own Original Six legends, the team saw highest of unprecedented success. Names like Gordie Howie, Syd Abeland, Terry Sawchuk and Ted Lindsay contributed numerous title wins. Another span of striking performances and extraordinary game play was seen from the 1990s to the beginning of the new millennium. In less than ten years Steve Yzerman’s manually drove the team towards a consistent line-up of wins. It became an exemplary team inspiring all aspiring hockey players and teams to improve and sustain their presence in the league.Founded in 1974, the Washington Capitals began as a strong debutant in professional ice hockey. Based in Washington, D.C., this rather new team joined the NHL as a member of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Generally called by the nick “the Caps”, the team has shown their strength as a very competitive and hard team to bring down. The Capitals are proud winners of a conference championship, President’s trophy and seven division titles. Ted Leonsis the franchise owner along with head coach Bruce Boudreau revamped the team under strategic drafting and rigorous training. Alexander Ovechkin made the Capitals a league of their own. Studding the team with ice hockey stars Leonis loaded the offensive and striking end with Mike Green and Alexander Semin. As a result of the hard work of these players, the team’s rather average graph started peaking up. Adding essential elements of a powerful hockey game everything from the spirit, to the unity and game action revived. Hence, the team outshined with the memorable 2009–2010 win of the Washington Capitals. Their first significant win a Presidents' Trophy culminated with the highest regular season score. The Washington Capitals enjoy having the highest strike rate in the league, with Detroit Red Wings in the second position. Both are bound to meet each other in a very exciting and exhilarating fixture. Detroit Red Wings vs Washington Capitals tickets bring a big time treat for hockey fans. Do not miss this opportunity to see the teams’ back to back offensive launch. Avail the chance and purchase Detroit Red Wings vs Washington Capitals tickets as soon as possible.

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