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Toronto Raptors is a member of the National Basketball Association and belong to the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The formation of the team in 1995 was initially part of NBA’s expansion into Canada that also included the establishment of Vancouver Grizzlies. In year 2001 when the Grizzlies moved to Memphis in Tennessee, the Raptors were recognized as the only NBA team in Canada. During their early years, Toronto Raptors’ home games were played at SkyDome, (now known as Rogers Centre) until 1999 when they transferred to Air Canada Centre. The team is famous for having an unusually broad fan base that attends their games with almost religious regularity. The Raptors fans are further encourage people to watch them play live by sometimes bundling giveaways with Toronto Raptors tickets.

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Toronto Raptors went through much difficulty in their early years when they completed their very first season with a low record of 21-61 win-loss score, despite the fact that they were one of the teams that won from the Chicago Bulls. The team’s situation changed dramatically after 1998, under the lead of Vince Carter because of whose contributions the Raptors attendance records improved, as many as forty-seven wins were made possible and the team won a playoff for the very first time in 2001. The Raptors’ colors are red, black, silver and white, and they represent themselves with a red aggressive raptor for a logo.
Toronto Raptors have set high records of game attendance among NBA teams because of which the Raptors franchise value has exponentially increased over the years. These records skyrocketed in the 2006-07 season when it was noted that on average, over eighteen thousand fans come to watch the team play live, which in turn covers about ninety two percent of the seating capacity in their home arena, Air Canada Centre. Owing to such successful feedback from the fans, Toronto was declared to be the leader of the league with particular reference to the high sales of Toronto Raptors 2017 tickets.
The Raptors present many exciting game-attending features to their fans such as entertaining them with the help of the Raptors Dance Pak and with the much anticipated appearance of the Raptors mascot who is supposed to be an energetic red velociraptor often dressed up in the team’s jerseys. Also presented during game intervals and timeouts are Four Korners Raptors Soundcrew. They celebrate high scores by giving intriguing treats for whenever Toronto hits over a hundred points in a home game, regardless of whether it is a loss or a win, fans can use their cheap Toronto Raptors tickets for pizza slices available at Pizza Pizza standalone places all over Ontario, which is part of a generous promotion introduced by an official pizza sponsor of the Raptors. So come and attend a greatly exciting match, filled with high numbers on the score boards, unstoppable players making superb goals while alongside you can benefit from the many treats provided by Toronto Raptors tickets


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