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The start of the NBA season also brings the fans a fresh new dose of epic rivalries between certain teams and they hardly get any bigger than Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls. The games between Bucks and Bulls are one of the highlights of every season. Fans on both sides of the fence buy Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls tickets as soon as they are made available for these are games no one can afford to miss.Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls is a game steeped in history. Both teams are part of the Central Division of the Eastern Conference and are just a spitting distance away from each other. To top it all off these are two of the major forces in the division as well which gives the entire scenario a different dimension. On one hand we have the Bulls who have won six NBA championships, six Eastern Conference titles and eight Division titles. On the other hands we have the Bucks, winners of two NBA titles, two conference titles and a staggering thirteen division championships.If the Bulls edge the NBA titles then the Bucks have more division titles against their name and it is these same division titles that started this epic rivalry.

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It all kicked off in the 1974 season where the Bulls wee going for the division and conference titles but the only team that stood in their way was; yep you guessed it right, the Bucks. The Bucks won the playoffs and that formed the basis of a rivalry that reached its highest point in the early 90’s.The Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls matches took an extra significance when the Bucks became the first team to get the better of Michael Jordan led Bulls. Another epic followed in the 1990 NBA playoffs and the Bulls won that series by three games to one. It has carried on from there and has been as fierce as ever because of how close the two cities are. Now both the teams are in a bit of a transition phase but they have taken the same path to bring back the glory days, by emphasizing on youth. The Bucks are being spearheaded by Brandon Jennings and the Bulls by Derrick Rose. Both are two of the brightest prospects in NBA today which has spiced up these games even more and that is one of the reasons why Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls 2012 tickets will be in such hot demand.

Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls are games that have a lot riding on them especially local pride and bragging rights. Both teams want to with these games just as much as the fans and that makes them a true spectacle. There hasn’t been a lot to choose from between the two sides historically and that trend looks likely to continue in the foreseeable future. So fans get ready and buy cheap Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls tickets at the first opportunity you get to see these two heavyweights slug it out on a basketball court.

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