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'Houston, we have a problem.' And the problem is that fans aren't getting enough baseball games to watch and cheer for. Just as the fire breathing rockets launched from Cape Canaveral holler at Houston Mission Control whenever they have a problem, so did NBA's Houston Rockets at their management. Hence the guys controlling the Houston Rockets got together with those pulling the strings of the New York Knicks and devised strategy to address the issue. What they came up with was a clash that would be geared to deliver the fans of each team their regular fix of basketball action in one massive dose. Latch on to some Houston Rockets Vs New York Knicks tickets to be bombarded with bombastic ball playing and some slick moves across the court.

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The Houston Rockets were first assembled in San Diego in 1967. However, instead of being relegated to spark the fancy of the geeky attendees of the San Diego Comic Con, the Rockets soon blasted into popularity even before the Apollo 11 rocket mission apparently took its astronauts all the way to the moon. However, the initial burst started fizzling out and the then owner Robert Breitbard sold the franchise over to a team of real estate broker and banker in 1971. Following the deal, the Rockets sailed over to Houston and eventually settled in their silo of the Toyota Center. The Houston Rockets Vs New York Knicks game will be testament to the explosive performance of these ballistic basketball players. Over the decades, the New York Knicks have followed a rollercoaster ride in attaining laurels and then trying to regain their past glory. After their inception in 1946, they initially struggled to build up a fan following owing to the overwhelming popularity of the existing NHL and MLB franchises. It was only when Ned Irish, the then operator of Madison Square Garden came to their rescue that they started seeing their ratings in the city's sporting milieu go up. The Knicks also gained much needed media attention when they signed Sweetwater Clifton, who became the first professional African American NBA player. Some Houston Rockets Vs New York Knicks tickets might treat you a thrilling encounter between the two since their clash in the 1994 NBA finals.
Competing from within the Southwest Division of the NBA's Western Conference, the Houston Rockets first landed on an NBA Title in 1994 and then gave a repeat blasting the following year. Their tally of division and conference championship wins stands at four each. Some of their most memorable games on court were during the 1980s in the era of the 'Twin Towers' aka Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon. The New York Knicks, members of the Atlantic division of the NBA's Eastern Conference, have strapped themselves to a pair of NBA championships as well as 8 conference titles and 4 division ones. So lock down those Houston Rockets Vs New York Knicks tickets and remember to strap yourself to your seats because it is going to be one rocketing ride with plenty of basketball booster thrusts.

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