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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers tickets bring you to the matchup between NBA’s two early-season leaders. Be ready to be a part of it. Both the Cavaliers and the Clippers came to the NBA round about the same time. Since then, they have competed against each other in a total of one hundred and fifteen games. The Los Angeles Clippers have won a total of forty seven while the Cleveland Cavaliers have sixty eight wins under their belt. The Cleveland Cavaliers surely has an upper hand with a winning percentage of .591 compared to a .409 of the Clippers. However, NBA followers and critics are closely following and gauging the teams from their pre-seasonal performances. By coming to a Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers matchup you can ensure your share of live NBA action. Book your tickets now!

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About Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Cleveland Cavaliers or the Cavs are a very active team of the NBA since they joined it in 1970. Starting off as an expansion team the team managed to win a decent winning graph. The Cavaliers enjoy a moderate level of success in the NBA. They own three Central Division Championships; the first in 1976 and the last two recently in 2009 and 2010. The team has also won an Eastern Conference Championship in the year 2007 along with eighteen wins to playoffs. The Cavaliers has made and owned very bright NBA stars which include legendary names such as Walt Frazier, Nate Thurmond and Shaquille O'Neal. Other stars like Brad Daugherty, Austin Carr, Mark Price, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James contributed great wins to the team. The clippers never to a passive seat and also remained involved in a number of initiatives that helped NBA and basketball as a game. The most famous distinction remains Ted Stepien (one of the former owner of the team) who brought forth "The Stepien Rule”. This rule tried to keep trading of draft picks as fair as possible.

The Los Angeles Clippers belong to the Pacific Division of the NBA. The team started off as Buffalo Braves in 1970 and after eight years they became the San Diego Clippers. In 1984, the team relocated to LA and resides here to date. The team is the only Californians team in the NBA without a championship win. However, the Clippers have been lucky in having great players. Four NBA Hall of Famers Adrian Dantley, Bob McAdoo, Bill Walton and Dominique Wilkins were former Clippers. Three of the teams most significant players were acquired by the Cavaliers; Danny Ferry in 1989, Sebastian Telafair in 2010 and Jamario Moon in 2011.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Clippers is a game that offers great excitement to fans of both the teams. In the last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers stood at the bottom of the Center of the Eastern Conference with a total of sixteen wins. The Los Angeles Clippers stood first in the Pacific Conference with thirty eight wins. For this season they have made their best trades and picks. You can watch them play their hearts out with Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers tickets. Enjoy!

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