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The Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards matchup will showcase two different styles and different legacies colliding to go for the same prestigious prize at the end of the season. This is what makes sports so fascinating and you can be right in the thick of the action by buying cheap Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards tickets. The first team in this intriguing equation are the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are to basketball what the Yankees are to baseball, iconic. They were formed in 1946 and took first steps to greatness in 1957 when the Celtics not only won their conference but went all the way to capture the NBA title for the first time. That season made them the team to beat and they lived up to that billing to dominate NBA like no team had done before. Between 1957 and 1967, the Celtics won an incredible eleven NBA titles. Eight out of those were won consecutively between 1959 and 1969 to compile a winning sequence that is a record for any professional sports team in North America.

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The supremacy continued all the way to the late 1980’s. Sixteen of their seventeen NBA titles were won during that era. After taking the backseat for the next few years they once again moved to the head of the queue by capturing a seventeenth title in 2008. With twenty one division and conference titles each to go with seventeen NBA titles they have solidified their status among the most legendary teams of all time. The other side that will entice the fans to buy Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards tickets are the Wizards from the capital. They were formed in 1961 by the name of the Chicago Packers. They made it to the playoff finals shortly afterwards and beat the hot favorites the St. Louis Hawks to go all the way to the finals of the conference. The 1970’s turned out to be the most successful periods in their history. They started of by winning both their division as well as the conference in 1971.
The Wizards won the Division title five years straight from 1971 to 1975. They also got their hands on another conference title in 1975. They had their most successful season in 1979 when the Wizards went to no win the division, the conference and the coveted NBA title. Another conference-division double followed the next year to cap off a very successful decade. The Wizards have once again started to show signs of major progress which will for sure give them the impetus to once again make it to the top of basketball. The Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards will be nothing short of a classic. Both teams are getting into their elements once again by taking separate approaches. This clash of different approaches is what promises to make this such an unpredictable encounter. Grab your Boston Celtics vs Washington Wizards tickets and watch the thrilling match in the ballpark.

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