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The city of Boston may have become infamous for the Boston Tea Party but a basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the New Jersey Nets is anything but a "tea party." No niceties are exchanged and nobody stands on ceremony. What unfolds is in fact a ruthless, energy driven battle of nerves marked by surging blood, sweat and tears. Hearts are pounding as the ball bounces from player to player homing in on its target basket on either side of the court. It is remarkable how thousands of games played over the years with the same rules and format still routinely drive fans to obsess over match outcomes and player profiles. Use some Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets tickets to cater to your unbounded obsession without cessation.

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The Boston Celtics have come to tower amongst all NBA teams. Having been spawned around the same time that the premier sporting association was founded, the Boston Celtics endorsed the prevalent Irish-American culture of the region and incorporated it by having their team color as green and their mascot as being "Lucky the Leprechaun." It seems that all this assumed luck paid off as the Boston Celtics soon started notching up championships left, right and center commencing from the late 1950s. They also made history in 1951 by sighing on Chuck Cooper, the first African American to be drafted into any NBA franchise.
The New Jersey nets have gone through several transformations since their creation in 1967. Having stepped into the world of basketball as the New Jersey Americans as part of the American Basketball Association and then switched to being called the New York Nets the very next season, they joined the NBA almost a decade later as the New Jersey Nets, only to be dubbed as the Brooklyn Nets come the 2012 season. They currently make their home in the newly opened billion dollar Barclays Center in the Atlantic Yards area of Brooklyn and are members of the Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division. The Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets game will see them try to defend their turf within the '"concrete jungle."
The Boston Celtics started powering through the rank and file of NBA franchises within a decade of their formation and posted eight consecutive NBA championships and ten straight conference championships. The 1970s and 1980s again saw them hammer out one championship after the other and their latest NBA title nabbed in 2008 took their tally to 17, the most for any NBA team, not to mention their 21 conference and an equal number of division wins. By acquiring some cheap Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets tickets, you will be witness to their bombastic ball playing. The New Jersey Nets however have only claimed a pair of ABA championships, two conference title and five division ones.
So claim some Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets tickets to witness a ball-istic pounding delivered by your favorite team to their rivals. Even the scourge of Hurricane Sandy will not dampen their enthusiasm.

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