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Known for their age old and one of the fiercest rivalries in the history of baseball, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers both date back to the nineteenth century. With both the teams moving to California in the same year of 1958 their rivalry got an even stronger footing. San Francisco Giants hold an unprecedented significance in the world of baseball around the world and are also known for its greatest rivalries with some of the other big names of the sport such as the Man City of baseball, the anxious to win, the over spenders The New York Yankees and a yet bigger one with the geographic rivals, the Oakland Athletics. But there is no doubting the fact that a fixture between the Giants and their cultural, political and economic rivals is what is the most awaited.

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The San Francisco Giants form a part of the highest level of baseball that is played professionally in the US, aka the Major League Baseball also popularly known as MLB. Currently playing in the West Division of the National League, the Giants are considered amongst the oldest teams of professional baseball in America. Since their start of the National League season way back in 1883 the then Gothams and today's San Francisco Giants have been credited for winning the maximum number of games in the American history of baseball. Playing in New York City till the end of the 1957 season, the Giants moved to their current home California and the former New York Giants became the San Francisco Giants. Back in the day, when the Giants were the New York giants, the team won the prestigious World Series not once or twice or thrice but a total of five times. Along with the World Championship win the New York Giants also won 17 pennants. It is the legendary baseball players like Christy Mathewson, Willy Mays, Bobby Thomson and John McGraw who became the reason of such exceptional success of the New Yorker Giants. But even as San Francisco Giants the team has so far won as many as three pennants.

The Giants are widely remembered for their memorable era that brought them five pennants in 28 seasons. Another one of the most celebrated episodes in the history of Major League Baseball was when in 1951 the Scottish American player, Bobby Thomson took the home run and secured for the Giants that seasons National League pennant. The episode became so famous that in the history of professional baseball it began to be known as the "Shot Heard Round the World". The year 2003 also marks a record year for the Giants with their third time 100 victories as San Francisco Giants and seventh time in the franchises history. It was a remarkable year for the Giants as they spent every single day standing on the top position becoming one of the only nine baseball teams in the baseball history who have done it so far.

At present, the San Fracicso Giants with the acquisition of the baseball veterans like Jeremy Affeldt, Randy Johnson and Bobby Howry have very successfully strengthened the team for their last season. By the end of the 2009 season, the Giants also inducted some other baseball geniuses to further their dream of winning the National League title. As the 2010 season has begun, the Giants are seen as a major challenging force contending for this year's National League title. The diehard Giant fans are hopeful of the title win as always but this time especially because of the latest veteran addition in the team such as that of Mark DeRosa and Aubery Huff to the team's defense. Victory you can say is not far from the Giant's this time that are all out there to prove that they are the Giants of baseball. To witness the action happening live buy your cheap San Francisco Giants Tickets and get ready to cheer your favorites... the baseball biggies... The San Francisco Giants tickets.

Many teams quake with fear when the Giants step into the field! San Francisco Giants are the oldest and among the top teams in Major League Baseball. Their matches are the highlights of any season. The San Francisco Giants tickets are one of the hottest commodities in sports circles and therefore, ready to be sold out at the earliest possible. Their popularity can be owed to the fact that the history of baseball can be traced by recounting the history of teams like San Francisco Giants. The Giants were among the first few teams to be established. The franchise’s founder was the millionaire businessman John B. Day who worked in collaboration with Jim Mutrie, the experienced baseball player. The Giants were originally called the Gothams. The current name was adopted when the team had a convincing victory against the Philadelphia Phillies and Mutrie called the players his big fellows, his giants.

The Giants became members of the National League in the year 1883 while most of the other clubs like the Cardinals and the Mets were playing in the American Association. Mutrie and Day worked really hard with the team. They began extensive process of recruiting players from all over the USA. Their hard work brought early results. They won their first National League Pennant in 1888 and their second in 1889. Since that great start, the San Francisco Giants have proven their mettle again and again. They are part of the West Division of the National League. They have won a total of seven West Division Championships with three in the last decade (2000, 2003 and 2010). The Giants hold the record of having second best figures in maximum National League Pennants and World Series appearances. With twenty one NL pennants they tie the record with the Dodgers.

They have appeared in the World Series eighteen times which is equal to the number of times the St Louis Cardinals and LA Dodgers have appeared in the big one. The Giants have been able to convert six of the eighteen appearances into World Series titles in the years 1905, 1921, 1922, 1933, 1954 and 2010. Their latest win has come after a very long time. It has revived the team spirits and they are hoping great things to happen in San Francisco Giants 2015 games. This is the reason why San Francisco Giants 2015 tickets are selling like hot cakes!  What doubles the fun is the availability of the SF Giants tickets! Fans will be flocking to watch the Giants play as they have some of the best players in the League. The franchise has produced the maximum number of Hall of Famers in the sport and with players like Melky Carbrera, Angel Pagan, Jeremy Affeldt and Buster Posey, they are ready to produce some more. Thus, San Francisco Giants tickets promise top quality baseball and great players in action. Buy San Francisco Giants tickets and watch history in the making!


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