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The St Louis Rams are a spectacular pro football team that is widely considered as one of the best teams within the NFL, a three time NFL League Champion including one superb Super Bowl. This amazing one of a kind team was founded way back in 1936 and presently play at the unique Edward Jones Dome that is located in the home city of this amazing American football franchise, the city of St Louis within the US state of Missouri. The team’s headquarters are located at the Russell Athletic Training Center located in Earth City within the US state of Missouri. In 1936, the St Louis Rams joined the American Football League, the AFL, joining the NFL the same year. Thus, from 1936 onwards, the St Louis Rams have been part of the NFL making it one of the earliest NFL teams today. The St Louis Rams can be easily caught live playing some of the most mind blowing pro football through the use of this easily available cheap St Louis Rams Tickets, the only way to watch the St Louis Rams live!

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The fascinating St Louis Rams were first part of the Western Division within the NFL after which they joined the National Conference in 1950 for two good years. After that, this awesome pro football franchise became part of the Western Conference until 1970. From 1970 onwards to date, the St Louis Rams have been part of the National Football Conference and play in the NFC West Division. The official team colours are white, navy blue and Vegas gold. The owner of this team is Stan Kroenke whereas the team is managed by Billy Devaney and the head coach is Steve Spagnuolo. This amazing team has also undergone several name changes over its illustrious history; they started out as the Cleveland Rams due to being formed in Cleveland until 1945 when the name was changed to the Los Angeles Rams after a move to Los Angeles, California. After Los Angeles, the team moved to its present home in the city of St Louis thus becoming the St Louis Rams.
When it comes to awards, championships and titles, the St Louis Rams boasts of many such. They have won not one but three amazing NFL League Championships; two out of these are NFL Championships won prior to the Super Bowl whereas one of these is a spectacular Super Bowl Championship. This Super Bowl champion also has several Conference Championships to its name; the St Louis Rams have won six amazing Conference Championships. Two out of these are NFL National Conference Championships, one is an NFL Western Conference Championship and three are National Football Conference Championships.
The St Louis Rams have also bagged a good number of Division Championships, a good fifteen of them. Two out of these Division Championships are NFL West Division Championships, two more are NFL Coastal Division Championships and a record eleven are NFC West Division Championships. What’s even more amazing is the fact that seven out of these fifteen Division Championships are straight, consecutive wins, an iconic achievement. As far as Playoff Appearences are concerned, the St Louis Rams have some of the largest number of appearances. This one of a kind American pro football franchise has had twenty seven amazing Playoff Appearences. Out of these twenty seven, a record twenty three Playoff Appearences are straight appearances, yet another record for the many the St Louis Rams possess.
The St Louis Rams also have a record fifteen players inducted into the iconic Pro Football Hall of Fame, a recognition only the best of the best football players receive. The first inductee was Bob Waterfield in 1965 and the latest inductee is Les Richter in 2011. To put it simply, if you are looking for some spectacular American pro football to watch and want to catch an amazing NFL team live in action on the field, you definitely have to grab some St Louis Rams Tickets and go watch this three time NFL Champion and one time Super Bowl Champion live!

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