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The NFL season is here and the excitement can be felt all around the country. It promises to be another blockbuster of the season where new heroes and villains will come to the fore. Rivalries will be renewed and tussle to reach the top of the mountain will continue once again. The New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills is a game that will kick-off the season for the two sides. Expectations are high and the fans are optimistic.  If you are a supporter of either team then grab the cheap New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills tickets and experience the thrill live at the stadium.

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About New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

The first game of the regular season is always one of the most anticipated games of the campaign. Every team tries to hit the ground running in order to lay down the marker for the rest of the season. This is precisely why the New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills will be so important for both teams. The New York Jets have made some huge strides in the past few years. They were formed in 1960 and ironically recorded their first victory over the Buffalo Bills. They spent the first few years trying to come to terms with life among the big boys and improving their roster. All the hard work paid off spectacularly in 1968 when the Jets went on to win the division. That however is not as good as it got because that year they also went all the way to the Super Bowl to win the prestigious trophy. Another division title came the next year. They didn’t make too many headlines for the next few years but made it to the top of the division in 1998 and 2002. They are now being tipped by many as outsiders to regain their glory days.
On the other hand, the Bills were formed a year before the Jets and went on to win three AFL East titles in a row between 1964 and 1966 along with two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965. After a bit of a drought the Bills won the division seven times between 1980 and 1995 along with four conference crowns during that period. The time since those heady days have been spent in trying to once again go to the top. They have now got a lot of things going there way and with just a little bit of tweaking they will make it to the top very soon.
The New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills is a game that is too close to call. Both sides would want to start the season on a winning note which is always does wonders on the confidence front. Who knows they might end up facing each other even in post season so a win here will give an added psychological advantage in that game. So fans don’t miss out on New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills tickets and go to root for your teams at the arena.

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