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The big boys of the Minnesota Vikings tickets are also known as some of the meanest dudes on the pitch. For their never sated, ferocious appetite for victory, the squad pulls no punches when it walks onto the field. The giants of the Vikings can give their opponents the worst kind of nightmares with their quick moves. Despite their mammoth size and strong built, the team is known for its agility on the field. The team boasts a talented squad that comprises mostly of young players who the fans really look forward to see, dashing within the defensive lines of the opposing teams and scoring the golden winning points. Despite all the talent in the world, the Vikings have not had much luck on the field in the recent years but their fans sure do hope to see it changing in the coming few years. Cheap Minnesota Vikings tickets are now available for grabs.

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Events Location Date Tickets
Miami Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Gardens on 12/21 1:00 PM Sun Life Stadium (Formerly Dolphin Stadium) 12/21/2014 1:00 PM Go

About Minnesota Vikings

The team did not have much of a pleasant start to their season in 2009. As expected, the fans too were expecting more from the star-studded squad of the Vikings. Fortunately, the franchise was successful in taking one of the absolute favorite Vikings out of his retirement. Surely, the return of the Brett Favre on the field really made a lot of his fans ecstatic but sadly enough, it did not quite give birth to any new trophies to the credit of the Vikings. As one of the most competitive teams in the game, the Vikings have managed to win quite a lot of titles over the years. The team has won some eighteen Division Championships and a total of four Conference championship titles. Despite all these wins, the team has not gotten much success in the league games. To date, the team has won only one League Championship in the history of the franchise.

The franchise of the Minnesota Vikings was founded in 1961 which makes it much younger than most of the franchises in NFL. As part of the National Football League, the team competes in the North Division of the National Football Conference which is also known as the NFC. The team is headquartered in Winter Park, Eden Prairie in the state of Minnesota. Initially, after the establishment of the franchise, the team used to play its home games in Mall of America Field at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome before moving to Minneapolis. The team has got a huge fan base in the city of Minneapolis in particular and the rest of the US in general, and is known by many interesting names like The Purple People Easters, Purple Pride, The Vikes and many more.

Almost fifty years after the foundation of the franchise, the Purple People Easters have become one of the most successful teams in the NFL with a mindboggling success ratio. As of 2009 season, the team boasts the fifth highest winning percentage in the National Football League. The team has made a staggering twenty-six appearances in the playoff games and has managed to win no less than eighteen Division Championships. The last championship came in 2009 which was also the year when Vikings made it into the playoffs. Despite making it to the playoffs twenty six times, the team has not have much luck in actually winning the ultimate football title, the Super Bowl. The only time the team made it to the Super Bowl game was in 1970 when they lost the game to Kansas City Chiefs.

Minnesota Vikings Events Happening Soon

Events Location Date Tickets
Miami Dolphins vs. Minnesota Vikings at Miami Gardens on 12/21 1:00 PM Sun Life Stadium (Formerly Dolphin Stadium)12/21/2014 1:00 PMGo
Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears at Minneapolis on 12/28 12:00 PM TCF Bank Stadium12/28/2014 12:00 PMGo

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