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The Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers are meeting up in Kansas City, home to the Kansas City Chiefs for a fascinating match that is bound to go up in the history of pro American football as a spectacular match. These two teams have a longtime rivalry with each other and this will ensure that sparks flow when these two teams meet on the field. The Kansas City Chiefs are a pro football team from Kansas City and are part of the AFC’s Western Division in the wider NFL. This team first started out as the Dallas Texans back in 1960 as an AFL team later on joining the NFL when these two football leagues merged. This team is widely regarded as one of the most successful franchises in terms of titles bagged and commercials. When the team was part of the AFL, it won three AFL Championships and also defeated an NFL team in the AFL NFL World Championship. They hold the record of being the first pro football club to play in a championship game and the second to play in multiple Super Bowls.

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These two teams are longtime rivals; the teams appear first and second as the two teams to have first appeared in more than one Super Bowl championship game. The Green Bay Packers, the other half of this incredible game being played in Kansas City, originate from Green Bay in the state of Wisconsin. This team plays in the NFC’s North Division within the wider NFL. This team was formed back in 1919 playing in the American Professional Football Association what the NFL was known as back in the old days. This team is in fact the only pro sports team in the US that is not for profit and owned by a community. In terms of titles, the Green Bay Packers have won thirteen different League Championships that include nine NFL Championships equal to the Super Bowl when the Super Bowl was not formed and four spectacular Super Bowl championships. Thus, these two football giants will meet up in a must watch game in Kansas City; possible only through Kansas City vs. Green Bay Packers Kansas City tickets.