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Every year at the start of February, there is the excitement of Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets – tickets to the greenest tournament in the country. Part of the PGA Tour, this professional tournament brings together golf aficionados from all over the country to attend an event which not only provides sporting entertainment but gives contestants and audience a chance to contribute to the cleanliness of the environment. Originally known as the Arizona Open, it is held at the Tournament Players Club in Scottsdale, Arizona which is one of the best golf courses in the country. Especially designed as a venue to hold all the high-profile golf tournaments, it is big enough to hold a large number of people.  

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About Waste Management Phoenix Open

Beginning in 1932, the tournament was discontinued following the 1935 tournament and witnessed a rebirth in 1939. The event is a four-day tournament which sees 500,000 attendances normally and is one of the most loved golf tournaments. 2008 saw 538,356 spectators in attendance while a single day best record was seen in the 2012 tournament with 173,210 people enjoying the event. The catchy part of Waste Management Phoenix Open is the 16th hole; where a poor shot gets boos and a good shot receives a lot of cheering. There has been a number of exciting moments attached to this particular part like the stands erupting in cheers as Jarrod Lyle from Australia aced the hole; throwing stuff in the excitement of cheering or the time when Justin Leonard gave finger to the gallery after he couldn’t hit a good shot.  
Waste Management Phoenix Open has seen a lot of big names in golf play on its courses, leaving in their wake memorable moments of missed and hit holes. Arnold Palmer, Vijay Singh, Johnny Miller and Ben Hogan are among the thirteen players who have won Waste Management Phoenix Open tournament more than once. The zero-waste efforts of the event include a challenge that players, fans and vendors have to recycle their used stuff properly; all the electricity coming from renewable energy; conservation of water and its reuse; and transportation of the waste material through natural gas trucks. This is also called a Trash-Can-Free tournament as it eliminates the use of trash cans altogether with only recycling and compost bins placed all over the course.
Waste Management Phoenix Open is PGA Tour’s most attended tournament which features golf champs from all over who come together in Scottsdale, Arizona to hit the holes, give their fans a good time and play their part in cleaning the environment. Held on the Super Bowl Weekend, the tournament shares the excitement with a renowned event like Super Bowl. February every year is an exciting time for golf fans that get to be in the stands to witness the thrill of the game. Because of its waste management efforts, fans who buy cheap Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets are assured that they are not only purchasing their tickets at good deals but are also spending their money for a good cause.

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