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In any sport played around the globe, everyone in the world wishes to compete against the very best in the business to see where they stand when compared to all the others. Getting the chance to compete at the highest levels is, therefore, an honor for all those involved in the team taking part. In the United States, competing in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the dream that any university wishes to realize and those who do take part in this prestigious league do so with pride and honor. A team which will be making its comeback to the first division this year after three years of its absence from this league is none other than the USC Upstate Spartans men’s basketball team competing in the USC Upstate Spartans Fayetteville game.

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The USC Upstate Spartans is the name used by the teams that play for the University of South Carolina Upstate. It has been involved in the beautiful sport of basketball since their first outing which happened in the year 1967. The team is currently headed by their coach for the past nine years; Eddie Layne, and the man has again been entrusted with the task of leading them again in the prestigious first division with their last appearance at the highest stage coming back in the 2007-2008 season. Considering the pride and honor that will be on the line for the players, as well as all those involved with the team, it would safe to assume that the USC Upstate Spartans Fayetteville match will quite a cracking one. Get your USC Upstate Spartans Fayetteville Tickets today and be there as the action will take place. 
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