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NCAA Division 1 Wrestling championships are for everyone, whether an ardent college sports follower or anyone wanting to enjoy the games with some friends and NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championship tickets the tickets to catch up on these. These championships have been around for a long time and come every year with as much thrill as every year. After the immense success of the track and swimming championships, National Collegiate Athletic Association started a wrestling championship. This championship was to turn into a mega event with fans spread all over the country. For years, NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships have entertained fans and have repeatedly been the center of attraction for all sports fans.  

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About NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships

The third championship in NCAA, the first event of the Division 1 wrestling was held in 1928 in March, on the campus of Iowa State. This championship was held without following any special procedure and was conducted under Wrestling Rules Committee. This competition featured 16 schools and 40 wrestlers out of them. The first non official champion team was declared to be the Oklahoma State. It was in 1934 that the Wrestling Championships were made official. Every year, lots of schools and universities come together to wrestle against each other in a battle that will decide who is the champion. These are the wrestling events like no other and fans have a lot to enjoy at these Wrestling events.

Iowa State had been winning the NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Championships for three years; in 2008, 2009 and 2010 but was beaten by Penn State as it won the championship in 2011. Each year the attendees in the arenas grow and each event is better and more thrilling than before. Another Wrestling Championship is underway and will be held at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Home of the St. Louis Blues will be a welcome place as it opens up for NCAA Wrestling Championships. Like all other events, the 2012 championship will be as fierce and exciting as any. All the wrestling fans will be gathering in St. Louis as the buzz created by the event is attracting a huge amount of people who will be making sure their attendance at these wrestling events.  

Years have seen the wrestling championships of NCAA grow in popularity, become more entertaining and expand in fandom. NCAA Wrestling Championship tickets have swarmed the markets every years as masses of fans gather in the best possible sports venues top enjoy these events. These wrestling events are not only the favorite of the college sports fans but also anyone wanting to have a super time watching the action packed wrestling games. The college wrestling teams of the NCAA are no less in talent and potential than the professional wrestling champions. Buying NCAA Championship tickets once will let you know how much fun these events can be. And with the upcoming event in 2012, you should be prepared to attend it and to book the tickets in advance.

2015 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships is one of the most thrilling tournaments featuring the sport of wrestling in a super event. If you are a fan of the sport or would like to be a part of an exciting live show then this is the perfect time to get hold of your NCAA  Wrestling Championships tickets and experience a world class even that will leave you with some of memorable memories that you will treasure for a long time.
The NCAA Wrestling Championship was premiered officially in 1929. From 1934, the event was hosted each year. However, with the outbreak of World War II, it went on a hiatus from 1943 till 1945. From 1928 till 1933, there existed only one unofficial title. In 1928 and 1931, the Oklahoma A&M that is now the Oklahoma State successfully won the titles. In 1932, Indiana University won the unofficial title. The following year, both the Oklahoma A&M and Iowa State were titled as the unofficial champions of the game.
2015 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship is expected to be a mega event that will be attended by hoards of fans of the event and the sport. The NCAA Wrestling Championships that use the format of crowning separate champions utilizes a point’s based system to decide the champion of the team. So far the esteemed Oklahoma State University has effectively won the most NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships than any other school or institution that is a part of the NCAA. Oklahoma State University has won the championship 34 times which also comprises of the three unofficial titles. The most recent win of the university was in 2006. Iowa Haweyes Wrestling team is ranked on the second slot of winning 23 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships.
The event is scheduled to take place at the famous Chesapeake Energy Arena which previously known as the Oklahoma City Arena and originally the Ford Center. This arena has been built as a multi-purpose venue and is situated in the downtown area of Oklahoma City. The arena serves as the home of the team of Oklahoma City Thunder which is a part of the NBA. It was also a home arena for Oklahoma City Blazers of the CHL, until they wrapped up in July 2009. The venue also hosts some great music concerts, social as well as family events such as ice shows, sporting live events, business and educational conventions and other civic events.
With your NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship tickets in your hands, you are surely going to enjoy a world class sporting event that will be gripping and thoroughly fun to be a part of.

The 2014 event will take place at Chesapeake Energy Arena at Oklahoma City in March. This event will last for two days starting somewhere after the mid of March. Very few people are aware of the fact that the event was also previously hosted by them in the years 1983, -85, -89 and 1992. The 2014 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship will be hosted by the University of Oklahoma.

Some spectacular players that played in the 2013 matches were Roger Moore and Ben Bennet. Let’s also not forget the men behind the magic; fantastic coaches such as J Robinson along with Minnesota.


Since this wrestling is all the action minus the drama, genuine wrestling fans do not want to miss any chances of missing out on Division I Wrestling Championships All Sessions Pass tickets. If you are a true wrestling fan, then you might want to give a serious think about getting yourself and your friends some spots in the upcoming NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship before it’s too late. 


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