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The best thing about college sports is that it provides a glimpse in to the future. Fans get the chance to see some of the most talented young players in a particular sport giving it their all to make an impact on the big stage. All that passion and talent will be on display when the NCAA Baseball College World Series rolls around. The best young players in the sport will take to the field in order to show they have got what it takes to make it big.

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About NCAA Baseball College World Series


Creation and growth

College baseball can trace its roots back to 1859 when Amherst College took on Williams College in the first ever intercollegiate baseball game in history. Most baseball teams preferred to pick players from the lower leagues, for quite a while, rather than colleges and it wasn’t until the 1980s that the sport finally started getting the recognition it deserved at the college level.


Administrators realized that baseball was one of the few sports that could thrive and attract large crowds in warm weather. More and more effort was made to recruit talented players, which led to more attention being paid by fans and media alike. Professional franchises started recruiting an increasing number of players straight from college and now the College World Series is one of the most watched collegiate sports tournaments in the country.


A look back at the College World Series

The College World Series was first held in 1947 and featured a total of eight teams, which were divided in to two groups of four. The best side from each group met in the final to determine the series winner in a best of three format. The CWS has grown in stature over the years and the format has been tweaked a little here and there to accommodate almost three hundred teams that are part of the NCAA Division I today.


The high achievers

It was the Vanderbilt Commodores who managed to win the series last time around and it was their first title ever, having made it to the final thrice before. USC Trojans have won the title twelve times to stand at the top of the list of programs with most titles to their name. They are followed by LSU and Texas who have won it on six occasions each. The Texas Longhorns have recorded most wins with eighty five and the highest number of appearances in the College World Series with thirty five.  


Upcoming spectacle

The upcoming College World Series is already shaping up to be one of the best in history. Several new teams will feature in the tournament along with some old favorites and it will be intriguing to see whether experience comes out on top or the new blood marks the changing of the guard. You can now be there to witness history in the making. Book your NCAA Baseball College World Series tickets and watch the most talented young players in the sport slug it out in the biggest tournament collegiate level baseball has to offer.

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