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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is the collective name for the various athletic teams that represent the Georgia Institute of Technology. Excelling in sports the teams are a strong contender in the NCAA and ACC. The teams have repeatedly won national titles, conference titles and championships. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets tickets are available to see the live spectacle of one of the best college athletic teams around.

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About Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the foundation for the Georgia Tech’s was laid in 1895. Since then they have grown to include various sports teams. These include baseball, volleyball, football, golf, basketball, tennis, softball, cross country and many more. The college athletics team Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is made of eight men’s and seven women’s teams. These teams compete in the Football Bowl Subdivision and NCAA Division I athletics. Playing in the Coastal Division, the Georgia Tech’s are part of the Atlantic Coast Conference.
The football team of the Georgia Tech’s has achieved great success in the sport and is ranked among the top twenty programs in its division. They were the first ever team to win four big bowls and have also won fifteen conference titles. Georgia Tech’s football team also holds the second highest win percentage among teams which have appeared in over twenty bowls. Come and witness the talent of the team at the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets event.
Georgia Tech’s golf team has been ranked at the top among the collegiate golf programs in the US by the Golf Magazine. Moreover the team has made the NCAA Championship round for nine consecutive years. The softball team has also performed remarkably well winning three consecutive ACC titles. The tennis teams of the Georgia Tech are worth mentioning as well. The men’s tennis team has won six conference titles. Not staying behind the women’s tennis team was the first athletic team of the Georgia Tech’s to win a NCAA Championship. They have also performed very well at the ACC and won titles repeatedly.  See the athletic skills of the teams at the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets event.
Georgia Tech has produced several champion athletes. Angelo Taylor, a former track and field athlete for the team has gone on to win gold medals twice at the Olympics. Other notable former athletes include Keith Brooking, Calvin Johnson, Marco Coleman, Kevin Brown, Bobby Jones and Joe Hamilton. The relatively new volleyball team of the Georgia Tech’s has gone on to claim repeated victory in several ACC games and has also set new records in the sport. They have also qualified thrice for the NCAA tournaments. Another worth mentioning team is the baseball team of Georgia Tech’s. One of the leading teams in the sport, they have made three appearances in the College World series and have won seven ACC titles.
Given the competence of the teams and their past performance, their live matches are sure to make for great sports entertainment. Get cheap Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets tickets to see the talent of the teams in the sports field.

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