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College athletics have been essential for the development of sports in the US. It has given some of the best sportsmen in history a chance to showcase their skills and potential in order to make a career for themselves in the professional leagues. The College World Series is one such tournament that brings some of the best young baseball talent from around the country in one place. Here they get an opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in college baseball and win the NCAA Division I college baseball championship.

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About College World Series

A look into the past

The College World Series started as a competition to crown the best college baseball team in the country. With hundreds of registered college sports teams in the US, that proved to be problem in the beginning before a new system was worked out in 1947.

According to the new format, the eight best teams in the country would be divided in to two groups of four. The winners of each group would then face each other in a best of three finals series to determine the champion of Division I college baseball. Since then the format has gone through several changes as the number of participating colleges grew and the tournament grew in popularity.

Rules of the day

This past season, almost three hundred colleges were eligible to take part in the tournament. Sixty four of the best sides were picked and divided into equal groups of four. Each group’s winners then moved on to the next round where they faced other regional winners in a best of three game series. The eventual eight winners were then segregated in to two groups of four to determine the final two teams to compete for the College World Series title.

The best of the best

The College World Series has seen many highs and lows over the years over the years with some teams managing to standout more than the others. The California Golden Bears won the inaugural edition of the College World Series. The USC Trojans are now the most successful team in the tournament’s history with twelve titles to date, followed by the Texas Longhorns with six. Texas also has the highest number of appearances in the competition with thirty five, followed closely by the Miami Hurricanes with twenty three.

A series to remember

The College World Series has a great history and has seen countless memorable games over the years. It provides the stage to the most talented young baseball stars in the country to show what they have got in front of a huge audience. This year’s edition is shaping up to be another cracker and you can be part of the experience too. Just get your College World Series tickets to watch the best of the best in college baseball as they head out on to the pitch to stake their claim as the top dogs of NCAA Division I baseball.

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