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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events never fall short of live action as the bring forth the cream of the crop Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters from the world. Since there are no gimmicks or cheap tricks the upcoming event is definitely worth attending. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC surfaced in 1993 with an aim of promoting MMA to the maximum. Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and Karate are just a handful of fighting styles witnessed in UFC competitions. Starting in the United States, the company has gone from strength to strength producing events worldwide. Having an extensive media coverage has also been one of the reasons behind its increasing popularity. Thus, the shows are viewed in Canada, Australia, Europe, and Middle East in 22 different languages. If you are up for a high-action live show, get your UFC 155 tickets right away.

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About UFC 155

UFC 155 or Lightweight refers to one of the eight weight classes currently being used in UFC. Others are; Flyweight (125 pounds), Bantamweight (135 pounds), Featherweight (145), Welterweight (170), Middleweight (185 pounds), Light Heavyweight (205) and Heavyweight which accounts for 265 pounds. The rules for the Ultimate Fighting Championship were first established by New Jersey State Athletic Control Board and have been overhauled over the years. These rules also apply to other companies promoting MMA. Thus, the fighters are judged on these basis; Submission, Knockout, Technical Knockout (TKO), Judge’s Decision, Disqualification, Forfeit, and No Contest. Other than that, the ten-point must system is also taken into consideration in which the judges give scores at the end of every round. Speaking of which, every UFC championship comprises five rounds with one minute rest period in-between. Moreover, match conduct is another factor that holds immense importance during the fights.
The emergence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship was a step in the right direction as it gained popularity overnight. Right after the first show in 1993 at McNichols Sports Arena in Colorado, the company met with an ecstatic response accompanied by a high demand for pay-per-view subscriptions. Hence, the inaugural show featured Patrick Smith, Kevin Rosier, Gerard Gordeau, Zane Frazier, Ken Shamrock, Teila Tuli, Art Jimmerson, and Royce Gracie. The positive response ironically opened doors for one hit show after another since it was supposed to be a “one-off” remarked Dana White. As skills and technique were put first, there was no concept of weight classes at the time. The fighters would confront opponents regardless of any size or height.
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling, and karate were some of the fighting styles seen in earlier competitions. It was in later years that the need for more fighting disciplines arose as the fighters needed more skills and techniques to fight their opponents. Buy cheap UFC 155 tickets and gain access to a knock-out performance.

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