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Gone are the days of fake, scripted wrestling. We present to you the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most authentic martial arts franchise on television. It is the largest Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) brand in the world and each of the fighters it represents is a pro in hardcore fighting. Now the fighters come to the capital of the United States. The UFC Live Washington tickets are being sold like hot cakes, so get yours before they are sold out!

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UFC is an international brand, hosting worldwide events of some of the best fighters of the field. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada; the brand functions under the United Rules of Mixed Martial Arts. The idea of UFC is a very ancient one, derived from Pankration, an ancient Greek Olympic sport that mixed boxing with wrestling. The first competition of UFC was held in Denver, Colorado, in 1993. It got positive reception from the very first event and the attendees loved the idea of hardcore fighting without rules. The only way out was a "Knock Out". The fighters are from various disciplines of fighting, including boxing, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, karate and Muay Thai. This year it will be Battle Royale as the best fights are scheduled for D.C. UFC Live Washington tickets are out now!