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While talking about exceptional stage performances in a musical Les Miserables tops the list of options that pops up in our mind right away. In order to clear out any doubts on this, we can have a look at its amazing list of credentials. The musical has recently taken away nine Tony Awards, a couple of John Kraaijkamp Musical Awards and a Laurence Olivier Award as well.

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The story of Les Miserables dramatically outlines the struggle for redemption and revolution in the 19th-century France. The wonderfully done scenes make you feel as if you are actually living in the era. Hats off to the stage plus the costume designers who have managed to make each and every scene seem just like the 19th century France. The musical album of Les Miserables has also brought it great fame and some of the tracks have also been covered by several popular artists. The hit songs from the musical include, I Dreamed a Dream, At the Barricade (Upon These Stones) and One Day More.
Les Miserables has been adapted in more than ten countries around the globe and is proudly referred to as the third longest Broadway musical of all times. After having its 25th anniversary, Les Miserables has now made a prominent position in the world of entertainment. So, if you are looking forward to spend quality time with your family and friends, then this is surely it! You can get the best Les Miserables Dallas tickets from us right now!

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