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A new opera was opened in London in 1885 and gave the people more reasons to smile and feel light. The Mikado is a two act opera which has been one of the longest running theater musicals. The popularity of this opera can be measured from the fact that it has been one of the few theater shows which has been translated into many different languages and has been taken up by schools and colleges to turn it into their own production. Since it came out in the theaters, The Mikado tickets have been gaining a lot of attention and not a year passes without remarkable sales. The music and libretto of the opera has been a collaborative work of Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert and it was the ninth time that these two music masterminds came together. There are a lot many things to adore The Mikado as it has everything which a good opera should have.  

About The Mikado

The Mikado opened in 1885 at the Savoy Theatre in London. The show was so successful that it ran for no less than 672 performances and to the present day the opera is the most shown opera at the Savoy Theatre. Before the year of show’s premier ended, The Mikado had been taken up by as much as 150 companies in both American and Europe. Princess Ida was the last opera that Sullivan and Gilbert have worked on. This opera played for a period of nine months after which it had to be closed as it was not much popular. Richard D’Oyle Carte, the producer asked these two to come up with another, better opera in a time of six months. At first Sullivan denied working on a new opera but accepted later on and this collaboration proved to be one of the most successful for the two.  

The Mikado is an opera which is set in Japan as the time it was conceived, there was a Japanese trend going on in Europe. The main characters of The Mikado are The Mikado, his son Nanki-Poo, Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah, Pish-Tush and Go-To. This two act play features musical scores like “Young Man, Despair”, “Comes a Train of Little Ladies”, “I’m So Proud”, “Braid the Raven Hair”, “A More Human Mikado” and “On a Tree by the River”. 

One basic theme that is to be seen in The Mikado is death. It is treated as a lighthearted thing and something which is trivial to talk about and discuss. And this theme has been regarded as the specialty of Gilbert who has a special edge on his contemporaries through this feature. Another main theme which is to be seen in the show is the Japanese theme. The Mikado has been set up with Japanese props and makeup. The reason behind this particular theme is stated to be British fascination with the Japanese culture in the period in and around 1880s. The touch of satire and humor has been a central part of the show and because of the Japanese setup. The Mikado is different from other operatic shows because it has taken a satirical touch to highlight some of the aspects of society.

The Mikado is a one-of-a-kind theater experience which is a must for any ardent theater lover. Anyone buying The Mikado tickets will never regret buying them as it is a show full of fun. The Mikado is a record holding theater classic which never gets old no matter how many years it has been shown in theaters and how many times anyone has seen it. Since the time the curtains rise to the time they are drawn, each and every moment of The Mikado is enjoyable and has the ability to keep the audience entranced all throughout. The Mikado tickets are among the best theater tickets around as this show has all the characteristics of a perfect theater show including satire, humor and drama.