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Broadway’s hit musical Hamilton is going on a national tour. Don’t miss this chance and get your hands on Hamilton tickets right away. The masterpiece by Lin-Manuel Miranda journeys through history, focusing on the life of the founding father Alexander Hamilton. The creative team of Hamilton has aesthetically blended traditional theater techniques with modern hip-hop style.

The blockbuster musical has announced its 2022-23 Broadway season schedule that includes going on North American tour. Besides running at the National Arts Centre: Opera Stage in Ottawa till July 31, 2022, it will also stop in Nashville, Washington, Seattle, Madison, Toledo, and Baltimore, among many others. Check the complete schedule to buy Hamilton tickets, confirming when its stopping in your town.

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What Is the Broadway Play Hamilton About?

Hamilton is the inspiring tale of one of America’s founding fathers Alexander Hamilton. Based on the 2004 biography of the man penned by historian Ron Chernow, the musical revolves around the significant events that took place during Hamilton’s life. More than that, it is the story of how our nation came into being.   

Hamilton Show Information

  • Duration

The total duration of the musical is 2 hours and 45 minutes (including the interval).

  • Audience Age

Hamilton is recommended for people aged 10 and older.

Hamilton Story

Based on the life and work of Alexander Hamilton, the play features two distinct acts. Hamilton’s life, and indeed the history of the United States, has been chronicled through the major political events taking place in his day. It is essentially a story of America then told by the America of today.

The many characters Hamilton came across during his life have also been expertly portrayed in the production. With an emphatic score that mixes jazz, rap, hip-hop, R&B and Broadway music, Hamilton has turned the tale of America’s founding father into a theatrical revolution. It is a musical that will surely make a lasting impact people of all ages.


Hamilton is a rap and hip-hop musical. It is a first-of-its-kind production that incorporates different genres which aren’t traditionally seen on a Broadway stage.


Details of the Hamilton North American tour cast are given below.

Philip Cast

Artist Character in Hamilton
Joseph Morales Alexander Hamilton
Jared Dixon Aaron Burr
Marcus Choi George Washington
Stephanie Jae Park Eliza Hamilton
Ta’rea Campbell Angelica Schuyler
Darilyn Castillo Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds

Angelica Cast

Artist Character in Hamilton
Edred Utomi Alexander Hamilton
Josh Tower Aaron Burr
Paul Oakley Stovall George Washington
Zoe Jensen Eliza Hamilton
Stephanie Umoh Angelica Schuyler
Olivia Puckett Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds


The following talented people make up the Hamilton creative team.

Philip Creative Team

Creative Role on Team Hamilton
Lin-Manuel Miranda Music / Book / Lyrics
Thomas Kail Director
Andy Blankenbuehler Choreographer
Roberto Sinha Conductor/Music Director
Paul Tazewell Costume Design

Angelica Creative Team

Creative Role on Team Hamilton
Lin-Manuel Miranda Music / Book / Lyrics
Thomas Kail Director
Andy Blankenbuehler Choreographer
Roberto Sinha Conductor/Music Director
Paul Tazewell Costume Design

Who Was in the Original Hamilton Broadway Cast?

The following individuals were part of the Hamilton cast for the original Broadway production.

Artist Character in Hamilton
Lin-Manuel Miranda Alexander Hamilton
Leslie Odom Jr. Aaron Burr
Christopher Jackson George Washington
Phillipa Soo Eliza Hamilton
Renée Elise Goldsberry Angelica Schuyler
Alysha Deslorieux Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds

Hamilton Unveils 2022-23 North American Tour Details

Hamilton continues to draw in huge audiences as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s epic production makes its way to numerous North American cities. The upbeat musical remains a hit and it’s still difficult to get hold of Hamilton tickets. Hamilton North American Tour stretches well into 2023, with limited runs scheduled in Honolulu, Boston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Albuquerque. So, what are you waiting for? Catch Hamilton live when it makes way to your town.

How to Buy Hamilton Tickets Online?

Hamilton tickets are available here at very convenient prices. To order your passes, simply select the date and time of the show you want the tickets for. After that, you just need to follow the simple instructions on the page and secure your seats.

Tips to Get Cheap Hamilton Tickets

The following tricks can help you get cheap Hamilton tickets.

  • Make Your Move Early

The earlier you can secure your tickets, the better it is normally. Not only will you be able to find good seats but the cheapest prices tend to be available when sales begin. As time goes on and the date of the show draws nearer, prices are almost always likely to increase.

  • Keep an Eye on Social Media

Social media is a nice way to find tickets in the secondary market at reasonable rates. There are often people who have tickets but, for one reason or another, can’t attend the event. They often try to resell their tickets and their prices are lower than what you are likely to get at a proper ticket reselling platform.

  • Digital Subscriptions and Newsletters

These things make it easy to find out about any upcoming presales and promotional offers. So, sign up for them and also subscribe to email lists from your favorite artists. Set alerts for whenever tickets are available which is usually before the general public gets to see them.

Things You Should Know before Going to Watch Hamilton

Following are some of the things you should know before going to watch one of the most decorated Broadway productions in recent times.

  • One of the Most Award-Winning Musicals Ever

Hamilton’s haul of 11 Tony Awards has been bettered only by The Producers (2001) which bagged the prestigious honor in 12 categories. Hamilton also has a Grammy Award for “Best Musical Theater Album” and a Pulitzer Prize for “Drama” to its credit.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda Took Six Years to Create Hamilton

Hamilton is by far Lin-Manuel Miranda’s most impressive piece of work. It took him more than a year just to craft the first song “Alexander Hamilton.” Another track “My Shot” took another 12 months to create. Miranda also worked closely with Ron Chernow all through the creation of the hit musical to gain as much accuracy with regard to the story as possible.

Who Is Currently Performing in the Hamilton Touring Cast?

The following people are a part of the Hamilton touring cast.

Philip Cast

Artist Character in Hamilton
Joseph Morales Alexander Hamilton
Jared Dixon Aaron Burr
Marcus Choi George Washington
Stephanie Jae Park Eliza Hamilton
Ta’rea Campbell Angelica Schuyler
Darilyn Castillo Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds

Angelica Cast

Artist Character in Hamilton
Edred Utomi Alexander Hamilton
Josh Tower Aaron Burr
Paul Oakley Stovall George Washington
Zoe Jensen Eliza Hamilton
Stephanie Umoh Angelica Schuyler
Olivia Puckett Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds

Top 5 Quotes from Hamilton

Following are some of the most popular quotes from Hamilton.

  • “Raise a glass to freedom, something they can never take away.” (John Laurens).
  • “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.” (Eliza Hamilton)
  • “Dying is easy, young man. Living is harder.” (George Washington)
  • “I am the one thing in life I can control.” (Aaron Burr)
  • “If there’s a reason I am still alive when everyone who loves me has died, I am willing to wait for it.” (Aaron Burr)

Top 10 Hamilton Songs

It is hard to pick one song over another because the Hamilton soundtrack is full of brilliant tracks. Nevertheless, here are 10 of the finest to feature in the hit musical.

  • “You’ll Be Back” featuring King George III and Company (Act-I).
  • “Alexander Hamilton” featuring Laurens, Burr, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison, Eliza, Washington and Company.
  • “Wait for It” featuring Burr and Company.
  • “Guns and Ships” featuring Lafayette, Washington, Burr and Company.
  • “The Room Where It Happens” featuring Hamilton, Jefferson, Burr, Madison and Company.
  • “The Schuyler Sisters” featuring Eliza, Peggy, Angelica, Burr and Company.
  • “Satisfied” featuring Angelica and Company.
  • “My Shot” featuring Laurens, Hamilton, Lafayette, Burr, Mulligan and Company.
  • “One Last Time” featuring Hamilton, Washington and Company.
  • “Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)” featuring Laurens, Hamilton, Mulligan, Lafayette, Washington and Company.

5 Reasons Why Hamilton Deserves All the Hype

The New York Times has called it “a theatrical landmark that has transformed theater and the way we think about history.” In fact, critical acclaim has been pouring in ever since the show made its debut in 2015. It certainly deserves all the hype. Here’s why:

  • Incredible Music

As far as the music goes, there is hardly another Broadway play like Hamilton. The fusion of rap, R&B, hip-hop and traditional Broadway tunes is a bold step that has paid off in spectacular fashion. It all comes together flawlessly. Add to that the talented cast seamlessly transitioning from soulful numbers to quick-fire rap and unreal beat-boxing, and you have an unforgettable production on your hands. 

  • Strong Script

The quality of the script certainly reflects the six years of hard work put into it by Miranda. Every word has been carefully crafted and every line is homage to Alexander Hamilton. Some even argue that Miranda is one of the most talented writers on the planet. Be that as it may but the strength of the script is ample proof of the man’s creative prowess.

  • Excellent Acting

Hamilton’s talented cast takes you on an adventure unlike anything you could have imagined. It is one thing to have a great script but the gifted performers of Hamilton bring the story to life in spectacular fashion.

  • Diverse Cast

Miranda’s decision to rope in gifted artists irrespective of their race or ethnicity has been a masterstroke. In his own words, the casting is a true of reflection of the America of today and its diversity. Besides, one of the reasons Hamilton is so relatable is that the audience can see themselves in it.

  • A Lesson in History

For the most part, Hamilton closely follows the actual tale of Alexander Hamilton’s life. While Miranda has taken significant creative license for dramatic purposes, those modifications are few and far between. This means that the production is essentially a history lesson where you’ll come to know about a lot of interesting facts.

Hamilton is Back in Toronto

Hamilton is returning to Toronto. This is great news for the fans of performing arts in Toronto who have been deprived of theater for well over a year now due to the devastation caused by COVID-19. The play is scheduled to start its Toronto run in February, 2023. Hamilton, written by the legendary Lin-Manuel Miranda, is one of the most epic productions in theater history. It debuted on Broadway on August 6, 2015 and earned a record shattering 16 Tony Award nominations. It ended up winning 11 Tony Awards, including one for the “Best Musical.” Now that it is making its much-awaited return to Toronto, make sure to book your Hamilton tickets.

Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour Tickets Related Questions

The minimum ticket price for Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets is $60.00.

How much are Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour Tickets?

The least expensive Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour ticket is $25 in section ORCHESTRA RIGHT with 4 tickets available.

When does Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets go on sale?

Tickets are on sale now. The next event is on Tue, 4 Oct 2022 in New York at Richard Rodgers Theatre with 139 tickets available and the last event is on Sun, 13 Aug 2023 in Lincoln at Lied Center For Performing Arts with 62 tickets available.

How to buy cheap Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets?

You can visit the page of desired event from top table and sort tickets from the lowest price to the highest price from filters and pick the cheapest available seats for that event.

Do you offer premium tickets for Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour?

Some of the premium tickets for Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour are in New York, NY on Sun, 29 Jan 2023. Often these are front row or floor seat tickets, best available (VIP) seats. These seats are in section ORCHESTRA with 4 seat(s) available.

How to get a discount on Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets?

You can use the promo code "PROMOOFFER3" to get a 3% discount on your purchase of Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets.

How long before the event can I buy Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets?

You can buy Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets even on the day of the event, if available. However, it is usually better to book tickets early since seats are limited and prices sometimes rise just before the event. We have 380184 available tickets for Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour till the date Sun, 13 Aug 2023.


How to Buy Verified Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets?

Buying verified tickets is extremely important. If you are looking for Hamilton Musical - Broadway & National Tour tickets, make sure you buy them from trusted sources. Book tickets from sellers who offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are popular vendors.

Hamilton 2022 Schedule

Some of the best theatre productions have released their schedules. Hamilton will run at the venues from 4-Oct-22 until 2-Apr-23. Upcoming show will be staged at Richard Rodgers Theatre, New York; whereas the last one will be held at the Music Hall Kansas City, Kansas City. For the complete list of dates and venues, please visit our website.

Event Venue City Date
Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre New York, NY Tue Oct 04 202207:00 PM
Hamilton Ohio Theatre Columbus, OH Tue Oct 04 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Kennedy Center Opera House Washington, DC Tue Oct 04 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Segerstrom Center For The Arts - Segerstrom Hall Costa Mesa, CA Tue Oct 04 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Kennedy Center Opera House Washington, DC Wed Oct 05 202201:30 PM
Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre New York, NY Wed Oct 05 202202:00 PM
Hamilton Ohio Theatre Columbus, OH Wed Oct 05 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Kennedy Center Opera House Washington, DC Wed Oct 05 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Segerstrom Center For The Arts - Segerstrom Hall Costa Mesa, CA Wed Oct 05 202207:30 PM
Hamilton Richard Rodgers Theatre New York, NY Wed Oct 05 202208:00 PM

Frequently Asked Question(s)

Q:How long is Hamilton show?

A:The running time of the blockbuster musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda is of approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Q:How long will Hamilton be on Broadway?

A:The musical is a big Broadway hit and chances of it closing down are very slim. Please browse through our website for the latest news on Hamilton and the availability of fresh tickets.

Q:When are Hamilton tickets available?

A:Hamilton Tickets are available and selling fast. To check the ticket availability have a look at our inventory and see the tickets that are still available. Do not miss it.

Q:When do Hamilton tickets go on sale?

A:Our brokers have the Hamilton Tickets are offering Hamilton tickets on best prices but be fast to secure yours. The ticket prices are mentioned against the event along with the date information.

Q:What theater is Hamilton playing in currently?

A:Due to the popularity of the musical, Hamilton is running productions in several theaters. Please browse through the Hamilton Tickets page on our website. It has the complete information on all the dates, cities and theaters that are currently staging the musical. Choose the show in your city and buy your tickets accordingly.

Q:Is Hamilton a rap musical?

A:Hamilton is a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, America's founding father. For the most part the musical incorporates rapping with popular music, treating the audience to a transformative theatrical experience. Description alone doesn't do justice to this blockbuster musical. Why don't you buy Hamilton Tickets and watch the Tony Award winning musical live in theater.

Q:How do I get tickets to Hamilton at discounted rates?

A:Well for starters you have come to the right place. Hamilton Tickets are available on our website at affordable rates. All you have to do is browse through the inventory and look for the show in or near your city. After that you can purchase the tickets by following the instructions on our website. Once you receive a confirmation mail, tickets will be delivered to you through FedEx within a week.

Q:I bought my Hamilton musical tickets earlier but now can't attend the show. How do I resell them on your site?

A:Sorry but that's not possible. We only buy tickets from registered brokers to ensure a scam-free buying experience for our valued customers. When you bought Hamilton Tickets from us you were informed several times during the process that once the purchase is final there will be no refund or return of the tickets. It is also stated in our Policies section.

Q:Before buying my Hamilton Broadway play tickets I would like to view the seating chart. Is that possible?

A:It sure is. Please go to the Hamilton Tickets page on our website and click the 'View tickets' button. It will take you straight to the page that has a seating map on it. But please make sure you choose the correct theater as we are selling tickets for various theaters. Also, before buying Hamilton tickets for your desired seat please make sure to check with our customer service reps if that particular seat is available or not.

Q:Who plays Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton?

A:In the Off-Broadway and Broadway, the role of Alexander Hamilton was played by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also the creator and playwright of the musical. His performance earned him multiple Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical awards. Hamilton Tickets are now available for the blockbuster musical's latest run in theaters. Check the schedule and book your tickets now.

Q:Who wrote the music for Hamilton?

A:Lin-Manuel Miranda has composed the music for Hamilton. His efforts earned him the Best Original Score Tony Award, along with a Grammy Award for the Best Musical Theater Album. Hamilton has released its latest schedule, Hamilton Tickets for which are now available. Please browse through our inventory to make your purchase.

Q:Where to buy Hamilton tickets from?

A:You have come to the right place. Hamilton Tickets are now available on our site at affordable rates. On our site you will find different theater listings along with the tickets price rate. Please browse through the inventory and select the date and venue where you want to watch the musical. Our user-friendly interface will guide you through the process.

Q:Where can I watch Hamilton musical for free?

A:Sorry you will have to buy Hamilton Tickets if you plan on watching the musical in a theater. On our site you will find affordable tickets prices and we have a wide range of Hamilton tickets available. You just need to confirm your city and from there you can check the average price rates and minimum get-in-rates as well.

Q:What is Hamilton the musical about?

A:Hamilton the musical is based on the life of Alexander Hamilton who is also recognized as one of the American founding fathers. It has earned rave reviews from the critics and won many accolades including Tony and Drama Desk Awards. Now, you too can enjoy the musical live as it heading out on tour. Grab Hamilton tickets from our website at cheap prices today before our brokers run out of them.

Q:How much are Hamilton tickets worth?

A:The Tony Award winning musical Hamilton is embarking on a tour and will be staged in your city soon. If you want to experience all the stunning performances live then buy your Hamilton Tickets from our trusted brokers through our website today. You can find a list of tickets on our events page which will be available to you at different prices. The average price of these tickets at the moment is $26 while the get in price is $19.

Q:How much does it cost if I buy Hamilton Theater Tickets?

A:You can check out the price for Hamilton Tickets directly from the webpage. Prices usually vary for different seats and different shows. You can then contact our registered broker to buy these tickets and to avail any available discounts or deals that that might be on offer.


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