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It is not only the theater and the live concerts that come in the category of entertainment but other, more classical things which are also entertaining. Among them is the display of arts which is a nice entertainment not only for the art loving people but for anyone who wants to see what human hands can create with colors. To present the world with such entertainment on a bigger scale on a single platform, Pageant of the Masters was created. The event is an arts festival held annually in California. Laguna Beach is where Pageant of Masters is held every year and the festival attracts thousands from art lovers from all over. The work portrayed in the festival and the "living pictures" theme of the show incorporates theatrics into colors, making it performing arts.  Pageant of the Masters tickets are the most sought after because it is a one-of-a-kind event which is unique and extra ordinary.

About Pageant Of The Masters

The location of the festival has been chosen just perfectly. The surroundings of the peaceful and breathtaking Laguna Beach provides the artists a peace and tranquility in which they work the best. The festival started in 1878 on a small scale where artist used to make money by selling their work to the tourists coming to visit this beautiful place. The place soon started being called as the community for arts and by the early 1990s; Laguna Art Association was established to promote the arts and to give a proper channel to the display. Taking the project further, a gallery was formed in a small, one room space. The gallery attracted the art lovers and kept growing until it was made on a bigger level. Laguna Art Museum is the place where this gallery was located in the mid 1920s. following the Great Depression, the towns people thought of bringing it back to its fame and even bigger and so an art exhibition was held right after the 1932 Olympics held in Los Angeles so that tourists present for the Olympics can also fly in to the exhibition before leaving.
Pageant of the Masters brings the magic of producing living pictures in a show of magnificence called, tableaux vivants. The creative dimensions of the artists are seen at their best in this amazing festival. When the artists unleash their imaginations, the resultant formation is the work of pure art. The theme of the festival is based on making living paintings among the orchestra, the narration and songs. Summer in Laguna Beach is something of a spectacle when millions of people fly in to the place to attend this event. Te eight weeks among palates and canvases becomes an experience that one wants to relive over and over. The eight weeks among the maestros of painting makes the idea of spending the summers even more exciting. And it’s not only the art that is portrayed but the whole picture presented with orchestral music and narration makes it even better.  
Held once ever year, Pageant of the Masters is not only a portrayal of art but also the promotion of it. The step of promoting art which this festival has taken is highly appreciative. As a platform to many young, rising as well as skilled artists, Pageant of the Masters has made its name as one of the most unique events. Watching the artist fill the canvas with colors and to make amazing pieces of art is something which everyone can enjoy irrespective of the tastes. The location of the festival adds a little to the aura and a big factor of inspirations of the artists. Pageant of Masters tickets is the gateway to experience living amongst colors and what they can form. Being close to the art and the artists is a big inspiration itself.  Like every year, this year will be no different in showing the beauty this art festival holds. All the interested people needs to do is to book a couple of Pageant of the Masters tickets and that too, well in advance, so that could also have a chance to walk and talk among the awe inspiring work of the artists and to watch them create marvels with just a stroke of the brush!


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