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Journey Through Time is a show based around traditional Armeinan folk dances promoting the culture of the region with more than a thousand years of history. It is being organized by the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of independence of Armenia and to celebrate twenty five years of the dance company itself which was formed in 1986.

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Journey Through Time

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
The Journey: A Trip Back Through Time Frankies Toledo Saturday
11/11/2017 7:00 PM
Beat Quest: A Musical Journey Through Rhythm, Time and Place Copley Symphony Hall San Diego Sunday
2/25/2018 2:00 PM

About Journey Through Time

Journey Through Time showcases the dancing talent of a multitude of male and female dancers, who with months and months of training behind them are fully aware of how to entertain large groups of people by performing in teams. All performances start with a welcoming dance to put the members of the audience at ease, introduce the dancers and prepare the audience for the larger things to follow.  In the segment Our Playful Dances, a group of male dancers will challenge another group for a friendly match displaying their acrobatic skills. In Kamancha tribute is paid to the eighteenth century artist and composer Sayat Nova after who the dance company is named. The story of the many glories and later misfortunes of the city with a thousand and one churches is narrated in the next segment which is Ani. The dance of Heroes of Artsakh and The Lament of Karabakh paid homage to the freedom fighters who fought courageously in the liberation movement of Armenia. Then in A Child Questions History through folk dances especially prepared for large audiences the story of Armenian genocide is explained by an old woman with a bible in her hand to a little girl and through her to the members of the audience.
Journey Through Time is directed by the Sayat Nova Dance Company of Boston’s director Apo Ashjian with help from his colleagues and assistant directors Shaghig Palanjian and Hagop Ashjian. Mr. Ashjian together with his family immigrated to the United States in the early seventies. But he always managed to remain true to his roots, and took steps to promote the Armenian culture in the United States by organizing dance performances that would showcase dance styles from across the world for American people and also introduce them to their customs and folk stories. It has now been more than forty years that Mr. Asjian has been promoting Armenian dance. After he graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, he started taking his dancing more seriously. He was teaching dance to people from an early age and was choreographing and directing his own shows for Tekeyan Cultural Association when he was only eighteen. Before starting the Sayat Nova Dance Company, he had performed with Mandala Folk Ensemble and directed shows for the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Daron Dance Ensemble. He later in the late eighties travelled to Armenia to further improve his knowledge of the local dances of the region and their stories which he tries to tell through his dancing.
Special care has been taken in a Journey Through Time to create the right mood and atmosphere to make the audience members relate with the performers and remain in synch with their emotions and feelings. To achieve all this a lot of attention has been paid to how the lighting design should work and how to invoke certain feelings through elaborate use of music. Ara Gevorkian and Khachadour Avedissian have composed many Armenian melodies for the group’s different performances in the past. And since the show is about Armenian culture, traditional folk tunes are patched together and synthesized with a drum-machine rhythmic tune.
Any performance which seeks to promote the culture of a specific region cannot ignore the importance of costumes and dresses from that particular geographical area. And Journey Through Time is no exception to this basic rule. Because after the music and the synchronized dance moves what the watching crowd remembers the performance for is the look and dressing of the dancers. In a Journey Through Time all the dancers wear beautifully crafted traditional costumes which are opulent and a treat for the eyes. There are long dresses in appealing red and gold colors made out of velvet, which change color from blue to white to depict different emotions. It is mostly women who get to wear the more intricate dresses, and for men faux fur vests are used with head bands and geometric-laden pants. The high production value is visible through many costume changes required for the performers in different segments. If you want to experience an exquisite show with elaborate dance routines, traditional music, delightful costumes, then get your Journey Through Time Tickets now.

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