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About Ira Glass


American radio and television host, producer and public figure Ira Glass was born in 1959. He belongs to Baltimore, Maryland and is most famous for his TV show named This American Life. While as a child in his school days he was active in extra-curricular activities like theater and drama and his talent was appreciated by his school teachers as well as students. He took his early education from Milford Mill High School in Baltimore County, after which he got admission in Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Later on, he was transferred to Brown University from where he received his graduation degree in 1982. He was interested in semiotics and that was also the subject of his majors during graduation. Arts and creativity runs in his blood, as his father’s first cousin is a famous composer named Philip Glass. Philip has appeared on Ira’s show many times and his music is played by Ira at many occasions. In terms of personal life and beliefs, Ira Glass does not believe in religion and is a staunch atheist.

Ira Glass stepped into the world of showbiz and radio as an intern soon after his graduation and started working with Joe Frank at National Public Radio. In initial days he worked as a reporter and also appeared on many programs including All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation and Morning Edition. He also worked for about five years on Chicago Public Radio in a program named The Wild Room, where he worked with Gary Covino. According to his own account, it was an interesting experience, but he believed everything needed some innovation. It was during those days that he also researched on public school system in Chicago. He suggested that especially in inner city schools and impoverished areas, smaller class size could contribute greatly towards better results.

The signature show by Ira Glass was This American Life that was started in 1995 on WBEZ. The show soon went nationwide as Public Radio International syndicated it, and has been a national show since 1996. According to current facts and figures, the show now has over 1.7 million listeners, and his program is broadcasted on over 500 stations every week. Ira Glass himself appears in all but four episodes of his program. The average listening time of his show by the audience over the radio is about 48 minutes. In 1995 the show also celebrated its 10th anniversary, and special arrangements were done to make it a memorable event. The first episode of the show that was originally broadcasted in 1995 with the name of New Beginnings was re broadcasted, and it was the first time that episode was heard outside Chicago. Back in 1995, the show was named as Your Radio Playhouse. The episode included stories by the founding editor of Wired magazine Kevin Kelly, interviews with Ira’s mother and with Joe Franklin, who was a famous talk show host. Performance by Lawrence Steger, a performance artist was also a part of the show.

Ira Glass has always been acknowledged by critics for his unforgettable services for radio. He has also received Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Contributions to Public Radio in 2009. Apart from his radio broadcasts, he has also been active as a producer when he produced a feature film named Unaccompanied Minors. The movie was based on a true story that happened with one of his colleagues at an airport. Ira Glass has earned a huge amount of fame and fortun, and his presence on the stage makes any event memorable. It is therefore that Ira Glass Tickets are considered synonymous with quality entertainment and a guarantee to have a great time!

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