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Ira Glass Boulder tickets bring a mix of Glass stories from This American Life, live onstage.The famous radio host and producer Ira Glass is touring the US this summer enlightening and entertaining his fans with his signature solo shows.  He will be coming to Boulder with a show titled Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass really soon. The show will be presented by KUNC at the Chautauqua Auditorium. Ira Glass began his career with public radio as an intern when he was only 19. It was the late seventies and the NPR's headquarters, DC was the perfect place that could harness the energy and talent of Glass. Glass dedicated the next 17 years of his life to radio; he became a part of all news show at NPR. He juggled responsibilities in production from tape-cutter to newscast write to desk assistant, editor, reporter, host and producer.

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All these jobs allowed him to have a great understanding radio, broadcasting and public outreach through voice. Some of his high regarded works include All Things Considered and This American Life. He got huge acclaim as the creator of This American Life; the show gives a great insight to how his show is made. There are a number of steps and events that come together as a story. The show is amazing and has taken broadcast journalism to a different level altogether. You can witness his engaging live narration telling quotes, playing his favorite music with cheap Ira Glass Boulder.