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Our favorite Australian actor is back and this time he’s bringing something entirely different to the table!
Hugh Jackman is now here to entertain us live in a brilliant one man show, for 90 straight minutes. Backed by an 18-man band, he sings, he jokes, he dances and just keeps you wondering what’s coming next. That’s how good he is on stage! All of it really makes one think whether there’s anything that Jackman can’t do well. The best part is that he keeps the audience involved in whatever he’s doing on stage and his interaction with people keeps them engaged throughout.

About Hugh Jackman

42 year old Hugh Jackman is an internationally acclaimed actor who’s been involved in everything from films to musical theatre to television. The multi-talented actor is known for some of his major, award winning roles in movies like ‘X-Men’, ‘The Prestige’, ‘Kate and Leopold’ and ‘Van Helsing’. The claws of wolverine from X-Men are, even today, associated with Jackman, who even made an appearance in the latest X-Men movie. Jackman’s theatrical career has also been equally successfully with him receiving immense appreciation and also winning a Tony Award for his performance in ‘The Boy From Oz’. It is of course; needless to say that Hugh Jackman is known for his good looks and was named the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People’s Magazine in 2008. So especially for all you ladies, watching him live on stage will surely be a treat!

Jackman’s first experience of acting was in a school play, ‘My Fair Lady’ and then the second one at his university in which he starred as the lead in ‘The Memorandum’. He claims that experience was the best he had in the four years of college. Following that, he took a one year course at the Actors’ Centre in Sydney and found a direction to channel his hobby of acting towards. From then on, Hugh Jackman kept going bigger and bigger, landing better and better roles.

Now that Jackman has practically done everything else in the world of acting, he has taken to explore his talent when it comes to performing live, as himself and not any character. In his one man show, he performs some of the most popular and our all time favorite songs from Broadway and Hollywood and promises to have you entertained thoroughly. He starts the show with ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ and goes on to sing songs like ‘Fever’, ‘Shake Your Booty’, ‘A Little Less Conversation’ and a lot more, with his strong vocals doing justice to each and every one of them. Hugh Jackman’s personality really shines through in this live act, as he adds a bit of humor, a bit of charisma and a bit of style to everything he does on stage and that makes his fans love him all the more! Whether it’s changing his pants on stage or chatting with a 7 year old in the audience, Jackman exudes a tremendous amount of energy when on stage and that is primarily one of the reasons why his live acts have been such a roaring success.

Hugh Jackman is unbelievably approachable in his show and his candid attitude can be seen in each segment of the performance. In the 18 songs that he performs, he gives due share of credit to his backup singers and doesn’t keep the limelight all for himself. At the end of everything one can’t help but think what a remarkable performer Jackman really is and that there really isn’t anyone like him in the industry.  Hugh Jackman live is truly an experience worth remembering!
So if you want to know what the rage is all about, find out for yourself by getting your Hugh Jackman Tickets right away! This is definitely something that you simply cannot afford to miss and we guarantee you’ll have the time of your life!

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