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The Hot Club of San Francisco is a group of musicians who perform gypsy jazz music together. It consists of Paul Mehling as the lead guitar player, Chris Baker on bass, Isabella Fontaine as the second guitarist and Jeff Magidson on the third, Evan Price on violin, and Sam Rocha on the bass as well. Together, they have been known to play some of the most esteemed jazz clubs of the country, all of which have named them the most innovative and inspired group of their kind. To witness their music in person is an experience you would not want to miss, so buy Hot Club of San Francisco tickets.

About Hot Club Of San Francisco

Mehling is considered the leader of this jazz group. For his contributions to the genre, he has been honored as the “Godfather of Gypsy Jazz”. His knowledge in the American blues songbook is proficient. Even when he was at school, he did extraordinary things such as finding the “Quintet of the Hot Club of France” or writing music for “Django Reinhardt”. A lot of his prowess in music can be credited to his childhood and upbringing. His father, he recalls, used to collect records which meant he grew up around a lot of music, particularly that of Glen Miller, Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey. Thus, a lot of his early influences included swing musicians and artists. Listening to his father’s records became somewhat of an addiction to him as he would stay awake all night for many years, simply to soak in the music. But ultimately, what it did was build a sound foundation that has lead to much excellence later on in his career.
As he grew older, he suddenly was inspired to be a rock star. His sister would listen to rock n roll quite a lot. When he was six years old, the Beatles made their first ever trip to America and appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. He recalls how watching them on the show was like being struck by lightning. He wanted to know how the Beatles were creating the buzz and the hysteria everywhere they went—making girls cry and scream simply by playing their music. Mehling wanted to do what they were doing, so he started by playing the guitar. Most of the Beatles songbook at the time was mainly guitar based thus after he had taught himself to play, he tried auditioning to be in different rock bands. But he discovered, as he was dabbling from one band to the next, that this was not the kind of music he truly wanted to play. It simply did not satisfy him, even as it had fired him up to try and make something out of himself. Thus, instead of going electric as his idols, the Beatles were, he picked up the acoustic guitar and started to get invested in classical music. It was around this time that he heard Django for the first time. They essentially played with classical instruments, yet their sound was similar to that of a rock band; they even acted like one.
As a teenager, he had the chance to go see “Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks” in concert. In this particular show, the musician was artfully mashing up a song of the Beatles with one of Django. Thus, Mehling started to take an interest in this band as well for it was a perfect balance between two of his favorite artists and genre of music. He would thus go to their concerts a lot, especially noticing how they would combine the violin with the rhythm guitars. He would listen to all their transitions and hooks, just to see what kind of technicalities they used in their music. This was also the time that Mehling discovered bluegrass and folk music. When he attempted to play bluegrass music himself, his swing roots kicked in and he created a sub genre called newgrass.
Since then, he put together a group of exciting and talented musicians with whom he performs as well as records. He has produced almost all of the nine records that they have released. All albums have had a folk feel, but are predominantly gypsy jazz. Their discography also included various tangos and waltzes. Their sound has also often been described as being distinctly American. They want to emanate Django when they perform but still let their genre shine through, since they only chance audiences will get to listen to live gypsy jazz is by getting Hot Club of San Francisco tickets.