Fuerza Bruta New York Tickets

Fuerza Bruta New York tickets
Fuerza Bruta is another name for the most interactive way of experiencing theatre that is nothing like our present day theatre at all.

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About Fuerza Bruta New York Tickets

Coming from the creators of De La Guards, Fuerza Bruta is a visual treat that has to be experienced first to hand, to be believed. The show provides an interactive 360 degrees of excitement as the performers run around in the walls or either move around in the ceiling that is just few inches above the audience members. Unlike most of the theatrical shows, audience members actually get to be the part of this 60-minute long spectacle. The viewers of the show are fed with not only the heart thumping techno music but also with a blast of dancing lights, thick smoke and also some water … occasionally. If you have been to any other unique theatrical show, it’ll be a lot different from that in a sense that it not just a show it is an experience in which you also get to be the part of the whole performing crew; and you don’t just get to sit in your seats and wait for the curtains to fall and lights to come back on. So if you’re looking for a unique disco-like, interactive and refreshing theatrical experience altogether, then Fuerza Bruta New York tickets are definitely for you.