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With modern forms of entertainment taking over the older ones, it has become hard for the older ones to keep attracting huge audiences and survive in this world. Once, live theater was very popular.

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Now movies and TV dramas have taken over possibly because they are a more convenient form of entertainment. Ideas like circuses and fairs may not be popular anymore but Cirque Productions, commonly known as Cirque Dreams, an American Entertainment company has become quite a sensation. Formed in 1993 by Neil Goldberg, it has been providing people with entertainment ever since. The idea that helped this production become famous and earn huge fans in today’s competitive world was simple. It combined two different forms of circus entertainment, namely, the European Cirque-style of performance artistry and the American Circus Arts and Broadway Theatrics. This combination of arts gave them the ability to gather audiences. Since the start, Cirque Dreams have made huge productions and performed on major stages like the Super Bowl, NBA, and Disney as well as for television channels like NBC, ABC and CBS. They tour all over US and perform in different arenas. Cirque has various productions however; the city of Sacramento will see Cirque Dreams Holidaze. The show is winter themed and perfect for a day of entertainment in Sacramento. So get yourself and your family a ticket or plan a day out with your friends. Order Cirque Holidaze Sacramento Tickets online right now!