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Nothing matches the pleasure of watching a live theatre performance. And when that show is  Circus Oz, it will be a big mistake to give it a miss. Established in Melbourne in 1978, Circus Oz is a company that recently celebrated its 30th birthday, marking three decades of successful international touring. During this time, Circus Oz has created a special place in the hearts of generations of Australians with breathtaking feats and fun-filled, yet inspiring performances.

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About Circus Oz From The Ground Up

Circus Oz is an animal free “rock ‘n’ roll” circus that has now become an inspiration for the developing circus based performing arts around the world. They have toured more than 100 cities in 26 countries and have touched around 3 million people with their authentic style and signature humor. Finding its roots in the 1960s Australian theater style, 2013 is going to see Circus Oz presenting “From the Ground Up” as their new offering that is targeted towards audiences of ages 5 and up. It has an appeal of a circus as well as that of the vaudeville. Do not mistake it to be a pure show of physical thrills as it has plenty of acrobatics, rope-swinging feats and ceiling scraping. With Circus Oz From the Ground Up tickets, you will get a chance to see this Australian group present an intimate spectacle of surreal imagery and unrelenting energy.
The members of Circus Oz loved the traditional circus tricks but wanted to make something contemporary that audiences could relate to. Hence they came up with this funny and spectacular circus by adding the elements of satire and popular theatre. You will be left howling for more whilst at the edge of your seat and all steamed up with this bold, dynamic, courageous and quirky circus.  This is why their fresh and original take on the traditional circus became instantly popular with the Australian masses. Within a few years, their international touring began with tours of Europe and New Guinea. According to The Age, “…this show is charming, cheeky, and totally over the top” whereas the Herald Sun praised their performance in these words: “…Circus Oz is more than 30 years old and still going off like a rocket.” To attend Circus Oz’s live performance this time around in your city, get your Circus Oz From the Ground Up tickets now. There is no doubt that after watching the show, you will also enjoy the wild and funny acts that will keep you entertained.
You might find the visuals in Circus Oz: From the Ground Up quite familiar. Basically it’s the inspiration that this Australian production took from the Charles C. Ebbets’ photo “New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam” that is sometimes also known as “Lunch atop a Skyscraper.” No matter what, this spectacle that has men roosting like birds on a steel girder 800 feet above the ground having their midday snack will really make your belly go flip-flop. This is where the daredevils and aerialists will perform their somersaults and high flying acts that are choreographed to rock music.
According to Mike Finch, the artist director of Circus Oz, the theme of the show that is centered on construction is not without any meaning. Rather it “takes us back to our own identity.” It revolves around the “idea that we’re still building it (society) from the ground up into a diverse community of people.” Since its establishment, Circus Oz has had a strong belief in human kindness and tolerance and has contributed over $392,000 to charity. For years, the company has been engaged in issues pertaining to social justice and charity work. The Ground Up show relies on cheeky humor, muscle, multitasking and grace. You can get to watch this spectacularly beautiful circus by getting some cheap Circus Oz From the Ground Up tickets.

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