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Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman came together and formed a group that incorporated new custom made instruments and a completely different type of performance as compared to conventional concerts. The trio painted themselves blue all over and pretended as if they were creatures from the outer space. They hid their ears. They stayed in role even when the concert was over, often smudging blue paint as autograph. They called themselves Blue Man Group and since the group was formed, in 1987, it has undergone many changes as new ideas are used and experimented with. Today, Blue Man Group is a creative organization rather than just three men making experimental music. The group has a staff of more than 50 people and produces concerts as well as performances that include a variety of mediums including music, comedy, multimedia and pre-recorded music.

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Blue Man Group has many productions running parallel today, including a touring production. Their shows follow a theme and usually focus on science and technology. They do different things like overload the audience with information by doing different acts at a time or acting innocent, as if they are on this planet for the first time and every artifact of life surprises them. They do a good job at entertaining the people and will soon be bringing their talent to San Francisco. So if you want to go through a completely new experience then get your Blue Man Group San Francisco Tickets right now.

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