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Blue Man Group presents you the most dramatic musical concerts and live comedy shows. The ‘outrageously triumphant troupe’ has thrilled the entertainment seekers across the country, ever since they came into picture. It debuted at the New York Art Scene in 1980’s and came up with the most innovative and creative productions.

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About Blue Man Group San Diego Tickets

The group follows different themes in their live acts like information pollution, science and technology, innocence and self-consciousness. The prominent troupe in the world of art has now expanded to more than 60 members. The stage performance includes 3 ‘Blue’ men performing on stage, who are uniquely dressed, all painted blue, with same colored costumes and blue light coming out of them. They communicate with the audience through expressions and body language, using music and gestures as their tools.
The Blue Man Group, which is mysterious and attractive yet funny, has come up with spectacular music tracks for the audiences. The dynamic group has appeared on some classic advertisements for products including Swatch, telecom Italia mobile, Intel computers and Miranda. Apart from the successful tours, it has also been seen on some TV shows including ‘The Tonight Show’,’ FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman’, ‘Arrested Development’, ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘Scrubs’. The most distinctive experimental rock and performance art group ‘Blue Man Group is a unique and successful production group of today.  Blue Man Group Tickets San Diego are must in order to enjoy the sensational performance which includes humor, music and theater.