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Three men came together as a group in 1987 and brought something completely new. Audiences today want unique forms of entertainment and that is exactly what Phil Stanton, Chris Wink and Matt Goldman did. The three made a group that played instruments that they created themselves using PVC pipes and other material. To give the audience a little something extra, they painted themselves blue all over and presented themselves as creatures from a different planet, unaware of the world and its surroundings. Initially, they even stayed in character after the shows were over until they had removed the paint. They named themselves Blue Man Group.

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Today Blue Man Group doesn't perform with the original lineup but they have expanded into an organization that produces concerts and performances that feature music, comedy and multimedia. Blue Man Group has 50 plus staff members and they have many productions running simultaneously. They tour across North America bringing their unique shows to audiences all over. Their shows have themes related to technology and science. The Blue Men are always in groups of three and in some shows they pretend to be outsiders and then act to everything accordingly. Blue Man Group never speaks or communicates through verbal activities. Blue Man Group has attracted a lot of people to their unique idea and they will be performing in Philadelphia next. So prepare yourselves for their unique talent and buy your Blue Man Group Philadelphia Tickets today.

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