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Anyone who has seen the Blue Man Group perform even once would know just exactly how and why they are called that. The group of blue men is a gang of anonymous, both male and female performers with athletic build, who, for the sake of the performance, go all blue! Clad in blue, from head to toe, the performers are known for leaving a blue smudge of a blot as an autograph. They gained popularity during the 1980s when their unique style and performances managed to grab the eye of producers. For many people, the Blue Man Group has been this color for as long as they remember. But did you know that the Blue Man Group actually went orange? Not many people know this but the performers of the group started their modeling career with a bang, when they landed themselves a commercial deal for a soft drink. As part of the commercial, the Blue Men had to be covered in a thick gooey layer of orange to match the color of the product.

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This is a news that every Blue Man Group fan finds interesting and it certainly gives them a new perceptive about the group. The Blue Men have also evolved over time. Initially, the performers used to socialize with the fans after the show but now they just maintain their distance and stay in character all the time. Get your Blue Man Group Newport News tickets and see the rest for yourself.

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