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Phil Stanton, Chris Wink, and Matt Goldman came together to form an organization that would produce concerts and other entertainment shows. All the appearances of the Blueman Group feature three men that are blue and have no hair or ears. The original trio is now part of the administration and no longer performs. As the Blueman Group was so successful, a new company called Blueman Productions was setup so as to produce Blueman shows and concerts all over the world. The Blue Men have made appearances for TV on shows like Arrested Development, Las Vegas, The Tonight Show and Scrubs. The Blueman Productions is now run by around fifty people. Blueman Group shows are always in accordance to a theme. The themes that they usually select are Science and Technology, Information Overload, Rooftops and “the Outsider”. The outsider theme means that the group of the three is from outside and are not part of the normal world. The Blueman Group came out with their first album in 1999 and called it simply 'Audio'. This was an instrumental album. After this, they made another album and called it 'Complex'. This came out in 2003. The Blue Men have been on tours after that. They called their first separate tour 'How to be a MegaStar 2.0'. Recently, The Blueman Group are now touring again and will be showing up at Lincoln. So if you wish to see these highly enigmatic performances, get you tickets to Blueman Group Lincoln today.

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Blue Man Group is a creative organization which uses a variety of props, paint and lighting to create a variety of sounds and music. The founding members of the show include three names, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink. Earlier on, all of them used to participate in the acts but now they have taken on administrative posts in the organization and do not take part in performances. Since the eighties, the Blue Man Group with their faces painted blue have been trotting the globe to entertain you beyond limits. So if you feeling a little blue, we have just the thing that can brighten up your day, Tickets for Blue Man Group Lied Center.
The Lied Center is a state-of-the-art performing arts facility, also known as the Nebraska’s home for the Arts. The place is designed while keeping in mind international standards of construction and design. The Lied Center is home to national, international, and regional events. World class performances including live concerts and shows are put up here throughout the year. This time around, the Lied Center brings to its audience the much loved, Blue Man Group. If you are up for some real entertainment then Blue Man Group will satisfy your palate. For unseen and truly breath taking theatrical performances, grab your Tickets for Blue Man Group Lied Center from us right away! Bedazzle yourself as the group of men wrapped in black apparel and painted in blue paint are all set to dominate the stage yet again.

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